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    Bloom: A six-month journey to reverse your PCOS symptoms, grow a trusting relationship with your body and live your fullest & most satisfying life.

There are so many reasons to embark on this journey – but you know that.

(In fact, you may already feel a few thousand kilometres in…)

Because beyond reversing symptoms, you’re longing for the life that doing so would allow for: the one where you’re saying yes to opportunities of outdoor adventures with friends, of dream jobs abroad, of butterfly-inducing first dates, of having energy in your spare time for the hobbies & relationships that bring you so much joy, of being present to this gift that is life.

You’re longing to be confident in both your body, and yourself.

And despite all that you’ve already tried? I’m here to say that it’s possible.

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bloom lara rickard

Hey beautiful being!
I’m Lara Rickard

I’m a registered dietitian with a functional medicine approach. I have a huge heart and a big belief in big possibilities. I also have PCOS myself – after zero sign of my period for more than 10 years, I used nutrition & lifestyle factors, together with prioritising my relationship with my body, to get it back. I have a deep respect for the profound power of nutrition when it comes to PCOS and I also understand that “wellness” is way more nuanced than focusing only on what we eat.

I’ve spent the better half of a decade helping women who have literally tried e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, finally reverse their PCOS symptoms, grow a trusting relationship with their body and truly live their fullest & most satisfying life.

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And the best bit about it?

This process is so personalised that you get to say goodbye to a few things:

  • Bye to being up to your ovaries in overwhelm thanks to all the PCOS books, blogs, podcasts & online courses overflowing with A LOT of (conflicting!) information.
  • Bye to knocking back silver-bullet-acclaimed supplements & superfoods while feeling like you’re scattering seeds in suspect soil & hoping that something will grow.
  • Bye to prepping for ANOTHER random, restrictive diet that ‘worked’ for your neighbour’s daughter’s best friend with PCOS.
  • Bye to having your cycle-tracking app be filled with nothing but tumbleweeds because it’s been months (maybe years) since your last proper period.
  • Bye to avoiding mirrors at all costs (unless it’s to pluck out thick chin, chest & upper lip hairs).
  • Bye to the constant fatigue that makes facing & getting through your days feel like you’re fumbling about in a thick fog.
  • Bye to resenting both your body & food because you’re convinced that they’re failing you.

Instead, you get to live that vibrant life you’ve been craving for what feels like forever. Here’s how:

Bloom: A six-month journey to reverse your PCOS symptoms, grow a trusting relationship with your body and live your fullest & most satisfying life.

The process that I’ll walk you through is a bit like growing a Marula Tree.

(Its fancy name is Sclerocarya birrea – I’m all about keeping things simple though so we’re going to roll with Marula.)

It’s beautiful, leafy & drought-resistant, found in the southern parts of Africa and it’s considered a sacred tree by some Indigenous communities. Close to every part of the Marula Tree (from the bark & leaves to the kernel & fruit) provides magnificent benefit to both animal & human alike.

We begin with…

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Phase One: The Nourishing Preparation

Just as when we’re planting a Marula Tree, we first want to be sure that the soil, and the rest of the environment, are tip top – we want to give the Marula seed the best chance of becoming a flourishing, fruitful tree.

Think cultivating rich, nutritious soil, clearing out any weeds & potential pests, and ensuring everything else within the environment is in line with exactly what this particular tree needs.

And that’s not so different from where we start with you:

I want to understand your current “soil & environment”, and to do that, I need to understand your story, and how & why we’ve ended up where we have today.

In this phase, we’ll:

  • Get you to complete your thorough health questionnaire
  • Piece together the timeline of your journey so far
  • Begin implementing custom nutrition & lifestyle changes (based on the above) by deciding what’s currently adding to, and stripping from, your “soil & environment” (or what might’ve done so in the past)
  • Set you up with stellar high-level support from yours truly on the safe & secure platform we’ll use for the duration of your journey through Bloom (I can’t underscore enough what an actual game changer this is)

There are (what feels like) a gabazillion things that can be done to reverse your PCOS symptoms. And while I don’t believe that there’s one silver-bullet “root cause” behind them all? A core Marula Wellness philosophy is to go deeper before we go wider. And this phase helps us do exactly that – by going as far upstream as possible to ensure that we’re taking a real “root cause” approach, we get grounded & clear in what will make the most significant difference in shifting your PCOS symptoms.

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Phase Two: The Wholesome Nurturing

Once we’re clear on the focus, it creates space for us to grow a trusting relationship with your body, even in the face of PCOS flare ups. Because while I’m all about reversing your PCOS symptoms, I’m not about waiting for us to “get rid” of them entirely before you’re able to grow into that trusting relationship with your body. (In fact, I’d consider doing so a disservice to you.)

If a Marula Tree wasn’t producing much fruit, we’d commit to curiosity, and really come into relationship with the tree in order to trust & be guided by what it’s communicating (even if the answers might sometimes be hard to hear). Then, we’d be way better equipped with meaningful information, to make aligned changes.

And coming into relationship with your body on your PCOS journey allows for the exact same (and more).

But because I fully know how hard this can be after years of doing #allthethings, and still seeing no shift in your PCOS symptoms? I support you by weaving in small but powerful practices (that go way beyond self-love mantras!) that allow for this trusting relationship with your body to become your reality.

Then, instead of viewing your PCOS symptoms as something to be feared, you have the capacity to understand & get curious about what your body is communicating with you. You’re able to recognise symptoms as a response to certain circumstances. You shift from a starting point of frustration, fear & hopelessness to one where you’re so deeply grounded in care & kindness towards yourself & your body. And your body then becomes your sovereign guide & ally to living your fullest & most satisfying life.

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Phase Three: The Fruitful Sustainability

We then set you up for your flourishing future! A fully grown Marula Tree still requires rich soil, sufficient water & exposure to just the right amount of sunshine to Bloom. And the same is true for you – ongoing nourishment is vital.

But in order to ensure that everything we’ve put in place to reverse your PCOS symptoms and grow a trusting relationship with your body actually takes hold, we have to untangle from ways that are totally suffocating (all eyes on those many, many diets you’ve already tried) and rather step into ways that are expansive & sustainable because they’re in alignment with your desires.

If you’re thinking, Lara, this sounds wonderful but also pretty overwhelming – there’s no way I can do it myself!

You’re in good company because I couldn’t do it by myself either!
(Even with a BSc in Dietetics, I invested in my own functional nutritionist because I eventually came to understand that having heaps of knowledge helps, but only gets us so far. Journeying with someone who sees you, gets you, guides you & holds space to support you, is priceless.)

Besides, there’s not much that I love more than supporting women with PCOS (who have already tried everything), to reverse their PCOS symptoms in a sustainable & expansive way while growing a trusting relationship with their body. One of my biggest bits of beef with this industry is it serves up silver-bullet “solutions” in the form of fad diets and unguided (or endless) testing & supplement taking.

But truly powerful transformation goes way beyond all of that.

Truly powerful transformation honours both your body and your human complexity, while taking a big step back from any cookie cutter approach to reversing your PCOS symptoms.

And, complexity doesn’t mean complicated. It means that there’s a humble understanding that as human beings, we’re made up of many layers – and being able to be met within these is one of the greatest gifts of all.

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  • suzanne testimonial

    Suzanne, London

    “In just 6 months my skin has cleared up, my periods & cycles have shortened, my weight has shifted, I no longer get daily headaches, I can concentrate on tasks, I’ve learnt how to deal with my anxiety and I have energy again! I am more confident in my abilities and appearance, able to deal with stressful situations and even took on a more demanding job! I had close to given up on the hope of being healthy again but Lara was so thorough and dedicated to helping me, and I can honestly say it has changed my life.”

  • malena testimonial

    Malena, London

    “Since implementing Lara’s recommendations, I’ve had my period every month for the last 6 months; for someone with PCOS this is a massive achievement! My cystic acne also gradually improved and has now cleared up significantly. Lara is super compassionate as she has dealt with these issues herself, and she also truly cares about her clients. She’s really relatable and listens to everything you have to say.”

  • malena testimonial

    Anjali, Essex

    “Within a month of working with Lara I got my period back after not having it for 9 months! And throughout the duration of working together, my skin became clearer, my brain fog lifted, I had so much more energy, my weight shifted, my mood & focus were significantly better and I experienced massive improvements in my digestive health too! I also became motivated to go to the gym without feeling shame, my old clothes fit comfortably again and my overall confidence soared. I would 100% recommend Lara to others – her guidance and knowledge has changed my life for the better.”

  • malena testimonial

    Maya, Australia

    “Over the six months of working with Lara, I now feel like a completely new person. Thanks to Lara, I now have more regular cycles, more energy, less acne and I was also able to improve my insulin resistance and lose weight; I really could not have done that without her help.”

  • alex testimonial

    Alex, Zimbabwe

    “From an energetic perspective, I no longer experience bouts of unexplained fatigue, brain fog and low moods. My digestion has stabilized into a strong rhythm, allowing me to thrive on a diverse diet. My period is also returning into a more frequent rhythm of its own. If you have been feeling unheard, confused and overwhelmed by your body I could not recommend Lara highly enough. She is a healing force, a deep listener and peaceful warrior who will guide you in how to tap into the immense wisdom your body holds. ”

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    It’s time to make your desires for your body (and your life! a lived reality.
    The Finer Details of what you get in Bloom, The Marula Wellness Signature Program:
    • Six month journey so that we give you & your body solid time to respond, and allow for a true transformation to take place.
    • 1 x 75 – 90 minute online initial consultation to do a deep dive into your unique story, and set you up with a really solid start.
    • 12 x 45 – 60 minute fortnightly follow up consultations for encouragement, accountability, ongoing assessment & to build on all that’s already been implemented.
    • Written & actionable feedback after each consultation so that you’re always clear & confident in what you’re doing for the forthcoming fortnight.
    • Personalised supplement protocol, regularly reviewed, so that you’re sure that the supplements you’re taking are actually indicated.
    • A 10% discount off recommended supplements from Amrita Nutrition & the Natural Dispensary.
    • Practitioner Rates on any further testing (if indicated), providing a significant discount depending on the test.
    • 4 x week-long meal plans (including shopping lists) tailored to your individual needs where we also factor in both preference & practicality. We ultimately get you to a place where you’re confident in creating your own meal plans to allow for full freedom & flexibility when it comes to your food.
    • Ongoing support via Healthie* (Monday- Friday) with a maximum 24 hour response time to entries & messages. More on the incredible benefits of this below:
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    The Healthie Platform

    The ease of an app, with the comfort of a real professional on the other side.

    We use top modern tools so that you can keep me in your pocket. Forget carrying around a notebook! We work through a safe & secure platform( that’s encrypted) where you’ll seamlessly track your everyday intake and the severity of your individualised symptoms.

    You’ll have the space to tune into your body while I do the rest of the work. From a starting point of curiosity & non-judgement, from Monday to Friday, I overview everything you log and can therefore make timely adjustments to your customised recommendations.

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    bloom is for you
    Bloom, The Marula Wellness Signature Program is perfect for you if:
    • You’re done attempting to reverse your PCOS symptoms on your own.
    • You’ve already tried every diet under the sun but not seen any sustainable shift in your PCOS symptoms.
    • You want to honour the deep desires that you have for your body – from clear skin, regular periods, having energy levels that even Tigger would be envious of and a wardrobe of clothes that fit like a glove.
    • You want to prioritise growing a trusting relationship with your body – one where you understand what she’s communicating to you through your symptoms & are confident to respond accordingly, and one where you’re able to tune into her guidance for big (& small!) life decisions for the rest of your life.
    • You appreciate that any transformation journey isn’t linear (there are going to be some messy moments, but I got you).
    • You acknowledge that this is a partnership, and you take responsibility in having an active role. You’re willing to let go of what’s no longer serving you (and know that you might need some loving support to do so).
    • You’re wanting to show up for yourself and live that full & satisfying life you’re currently craving.
    • You’re willing to invest in your wellbeing, and appreciate all that this will ultimately allow for – from applying for (or creating!) your dream job, to going on insane adventures with friends & family and more.
    Bloom, The Marula Wellness Signature Program is not for you if:
    • You’re after a silver bullet solution.
    • You expect overnight results.
    • You simply want someone telling you what to do – we don’t do forced formulas here!
    • You want to focus only on food and aren’t interested in growing a trusting relationship with your body.
    • You’re not truly willing to make food & lifestyle changes or engage with the guidance given.
    • You’re a teenager – I would recommend that you instead work with a practitioner who is experienced in supporting the emotional & physiological need of teenagers.
    • You’re trying to conceive imminently (i.e. within the next +/- 3 months). While many of the women I work with go on to get pregnant either during our time of working together or shortly afterwards, supporting fertility in preparation for pregnancy isn’t my primary area of focus / expertise.
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    • eileen testimonial

      Eileen, London

      “Lara was exactly the person I needed. She’s kind and free of judgement, and has the experience and science to back up her interventions. She objectively tracked my symptoms, provided a thoughtful protocol incorporating supplements and lifestyle adjustments, guided hormone testing, and all the while kept a whole-person perspective. Lara was able to move the needle in a way I wasn’t able to on my own — I started seeing tangible results.”

    • katie testimonial

      Katie, London

      “Lara’s knowledge base is vast and her approach to nutrition and holistic healing not only makes an outrageous amount of logical sense, but she gives you the control to get your life back. At no point did I feel like I had to convince her of my symptoms. For the first time ever, I felt like I was working with someone, rather than against them. Every part of my journey with Lara has been healing – of mind, body and soul – and I have infinite respect for her knowledge, her process and her experience. ”

    • samar testimonial

      Samar, London

      “Lara has helped me better understand my body & my hormones and has equipped me with a package of tools that have honestly changed my life; I feel calmer and in a better mental / physical state since working with her. In fact, within a couple of months of working with Lara, I got pregnant and I have no doubt that she was a big part in helping with this. I was at the healthiest I had ever been in my life when I found out about my pregnancy!”

    • logo

      Sarah, London

      “My digestive problems have now improved enormously and after a few months my periods came back and have been less painful and more regular than they had been previously. Lara really does go above and beyond what I would have expected from working with a dietitian. I would absolutely recommend Lara to anyone who is having similar problems to what I experienced, for me it has been completely worth the money and I feel so much better now than I did six months ago!”

    • logo

      Emma, London

      “Lara has empowered me to create a solid foundation of good health after years of struggling with PCOS. My blood sugar is stable, my moods are gentle, my wellbeing is real. Lara genuinely helped me to cut through the noise of conflicting advice and return to the fundamentals of addressing hormonal imbalance – making changes to my diet and lifestyle that are sustainable, effective, easy.”

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      pcos nutritionist lara rickard

      If you’re an all-caps YES to embarking on the journey of Bloom…

      Your best next step is to book in a Complimentary Zoom Discovery Call.

      When you click on the button above, you’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire. From there, you’ll be able to book straight into my calendar at a time that suits you.

      We’ll meet on Zoom for 30 minutes at your chosen time – I hear more about where you’re at with PCOS and share how I can support you. If we’re both keen as beans to work together, you’ll be set up with all your next steps to embark on one of the best journeys of your life: Bloom.

      Will I have to give up all the foods I love if I want to see results?
      This completely depends on what your favourite foods are, as well as the severity of your symptoms. For some, we might need to shake things up quite a bit, while for others, it’ll be a matter of tweaking a few things here or there. Either way, we show bland the backdoor – our aim is always to get you eating as great a variety of nourishing & delicious food as possible, and adapt your personalised meal plans accordingly. We also anchor into your desires for your body, appreciating the magnificent role that food plays in helping you make these a reality – and, in the very same breath, creating awareness that food is still only part of this picture. In summary: we’re not about hard rules, but rather expansive empowerment when it comes to food & your relationship with it.
      How is this going to impact social events & eating out?

      This depends on the type of social life that you currently have. If (pre-Covid) you were used to spending Saturday nights dancing on bar tops and clubbing into the early hours of the morning, then changing your nutrition & lifestyle will probably have a pretty big impact on your social life. But if it’s a big impact that allows for big healing, and living more fully into yourself, then as clients who have made these changes have said, it’s totally worth it.

      I’m also not here cracking some kind of whip – I’ve fully got your back and I’m here to help you figure out ways that we can support you through this. We find solutions to club scenarios that don’t reduce you to hiding in your cupboard for the next 6 months and we chat through what to do when you eat out, visit friends or travel. We always anchor into what healing would mean to you, and we’re guided from there.

      In summary, I’m here to help you with the practicalities of navigating social aspects while still honouring your desires for your body.

      Tracking all my intake & symptoms sounds intense – is this absolutely necessary?

      If we really want to make space for transformation, tracking is key. Through the ease of an app, the benefit of doing it this way is that you don’t have to make sense of all your symptoms & your food all on your own – that’s what I’m here for! We make it as fun & simple as possible, and I’m always reminding you that my starting point is one curiosity with zero judgement – in time, this becomes your starting point too.

      My life is already so busy & I’m worried I won’t have the time to make these changes – would I still be a good fit?

      One of the many benefits of working as closely as we do is that I get to understand what your everyday looks like – I meet you where you’re at. That way we ensure that any changes we make are realistic & sustainable to your given situation, while simultaneously allowing for the desired shifts in your PCOS symptoms. And I always say, rather than waiting to get to breaking point where you’re then given no choice but to find the time, trust yourself enough to make the time now, knowing that with high-level, personalised support it’s totally possible. After all, we’ll always prioritise what’s most important to us.

      Why six months? It seems like a really long time…

      When we’ve been dealing with symptoms for two, three, five, ten + years, six months is but a relative drop in the ocean. Absolutely, there are instances where we sometimes see significant shifts in a couple of weeks, but more often than not, your body needs solid time to respond to the changes you make. We’re not about quick fixes here at Marula Wellness, and I want to help you untangle from any such thinking that “it’s been 17 days and you’re not completely better already”. The blame, shame & bucket loads of disappointment that comes with quick-fix promises is what keeps us stuck in the “nothing is working” cycles that simply don’t serve you. I’m well aware of the patience required for this though – something that many of us aren’t familiar with, especially when it comes to the body – so I provide you with tools & resources to strengthen your patience muscle (while also reminding you that cultivating patience requires patience too!). With a six month time-frame, we give you time to make realistic changes, we give the changes time to take hold, we give you time to establish a trusting relationship with your body and we give your body time to respond – and in doing so, we honour you entirely.

      Can I not just see you for one-off sessions?

      The short answer is no. The slightly longer answer is that over the years, I personally have not found doing one-off sessions to be of the best benefit to the clients that I work with.

      Side note: for clients who have been through Bloom, ongoing support is offered where necessary afterwards in the form of monthly follow ups.

      When can I expect to start seeing improvements?

      Various factors come into play but what I’ve found is that it’s usually around the 3 month mark where there’ll be a noticeable shift in certain symptoms. Having said that, I’m also here to help you ease the pressure on time frames by helping you step into relationship with your body rather than placing unrealistic deadlines on her.

      And from a period perspective, it’s always helpful to remember that the egg that’s released at ovulation takes 70 – 100 days to mature so that means that anything you do now, can impact your period in 3 months time and anything you did 3 months ago can impact the health of your current period.

      I have PCOS but I have other symptoms too. Can you help with these?

      Coming back to the Marula Tree: if the Marula fruit had issues, we wouldn’t focus on the fruit alone – we’d look at the whole tree and its environment, in order to understand how best to support it. And the same is true for PCOS – we don’t just focus on your sex hormones alone. Through a functional medicine approach, I appreciate that all systems within your body are connected and can therefore impact on each other. In fact, when it comes to PCOS, we’re often dealing with other issues such as digestion, blood sugar, thyroid and/or chronic inflammation that all contribute to or exacerbate your PCOS symptoms. So when we work together, I factor in your whole body.

      Is the whole relationship with my body really that important on this journey?

      Only you can answer that question for yourself. To me, growing a trusting relationship with your body is one of the most important things on this journey. Here’s why:

      Firstly, I see time and time again that many women will reverse their PCOS symptoms but because they haven’t been intentional about growing a trusting relationship with their body, when flare ups happen (because life happens), they’re back to square one of being overcome with fear & frustration. Whereas for the women I work with, they’re able to anchor into understanding what their body is communicating with them, and from a place of care & kindness towards themselves & their body, respond accordingly. In time, they’re also able to acknowledge how flare ups can even be appropriate responses to given situations, thereby providing profound information.

      Secondly, in restoring a trusting relationship with your body, you’ve then got an ally & a sovereign guide for life. Through ongoing practice, you’re able to tune into your body for making both big & small decisions in life – I cannot underscore the enormity of this gift.

      What’s the deal with testing?

      I’ll review any recent tests that you’ve had and if indicated, we may look into additional testing. There are loads of tests out there and while I’m very thankful for many of them, I also don’t look to them for silver-bullet answers where we then end up chasing test results rather than viewing you & your body as a whole . Through Bloom, we focus on nutrition and lifestyle factors that will make a difference to your PCOS symptoms regardless of test results, and if and when indicated, we use testing to optimise your overall health even further. Wherever possible, I offer practitioner rates on testing.

      This sounds AMAZING and I totally want to work together. What’s my next step?

      Book in a Complimentary Discovery Call!

      When you click on the button above, you’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire. From there, you’ll be able to book straight into my calendar at a time that suits you.

      We’ll meet on Zoom for 30 minutes at your chosen time – I hear more about where you’re at with PCOS and share how I can support you (with zero pressure). If we’re both keen as beans to work together, you’ll be set up with all your next steps to embark on one of the best journeys of your life: Bloom.

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