suzanne testimonial

“My main symptoms before working with Lara were long periods & long cycles, acne, excess hair, weight that wouldn’t shift, severe fatigue, anxiety, regular headaches and brain fog.
 I had tried so many fad diets and been to various nutritionists before for help. Some worked for a few months, but none lasted and there was little real support from them. I was apprehensive this would be similar, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I have been absolutely amazed by how things have shifted physically in just 6 months. My skin has cleared up, my periods & cycles have shortened, my weight has shifted, I no longer get daily headaches, I can concentrate on tasks, I’ve learnt how to deal with my anxiety and I have energy again!

This journey has drastically changed my life in so many areas. I am more confident in my abilities and appearance, able to deal with stressful situations and even took on a more demanding job!

My view of my body has also changed completely through working with Lara. I used to really struggle with how I thought of my body, I felt it was failing me and preventing me from living a full life. I am now a lot more confident but also compassionate towards myself. I am able to listen to my body more and address issues from a place of deeper understanding and acceptance.

I really enjoyed the individual, caring and genuine support from Lara. It made all the difference. She is also incredibly knowledgeable, so I learnt so much about things on a practical level, things that were applicable to my specific conditions.

Working with Lara and the outcomes have far exceeded my expectations. When speaking to a previous client of Lara’s who said it had been life-changing, I thought to myself, that’s great, but I doubt that can happen for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Working with Lara has really has made all the difference.

I had close to given up on the hope of being healthy again, I thought it just wasn’t possible for me. But Lara was so thorough and dedicated to helping me, and I can honestly say it has changed my life. Her attention to detail and the level of support has been incredible! It may seem a big commitment, however, it is an investment in your health which affects your whole life, and nothing can be as important as this journey. So I would absolutely recommend Lara and the Marula Wellness Signature Programme!”

Suzanne, London

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jess testimonial

“When I first started my journey with Lara I had very low energy, heavy and painful periods, excessive hair growth and I felt chunky, overweight and bloated very often. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and truly felt out of options. My main apprehension around working with Lara was a genuine lack of hope: I had been struggling for as long as I could remember and I did not believe this would offer reprieve or relief. Oh how wrong I was!

I don’t know where to begin in describing Lara and my journey with her: she has INCREDIBLE knowledge of not only PCOS, but of the human body in all its glory. This is combined with deep empathy, patience, intuition and a genuine desire to help her clients. I felt emotionally supported, cognitively informed and gently guided the whole way through.

Lara showed me so much and approached my symptoms from a really different and effective way. I had more energy, I felt more confident in my body, I had so much more knowledge, I was hopeful for the first time in years and I really felt my skin and over all health starting to shift.

My work with Lara and the confidence and curiosity it gave me was evident in all areas of my life, least of all in my own professional journey around healing and trauma release.

With my whole being, I recommend anyone who is struggling with PCOS, or who wants to deepen their knowledge of their bodies, to work alongside Lara. She truly is a magic worker.”

Jess, Cape Town

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suzanne testimonial

“Before working with Lara I had been suffering from PCOS for years; symptoms became more apparent in my early 20s and these included absent periods for up to 9 months at a time, acne, persistent fatigue and weight gain that was not due to over eating. I also had chronic constipation and would bloat to the point of looking 6 months pregnant. I felt as though I was constantly at battle with my body which was emotionally and mentally exhausting. I felt completely stuck.

I tried lots of things from signing up to many online courses to weight loss shakes and everything in between – nothing ever worked. I had become really negative in my thinking and started to believe I would be this way forever. I become angry towards my body and angry towards food.

But through working with Lara, that all changed. She is extremely kind, compassionate & knowledgeable, and in time, I learned to understand how my body is communicating with me, developed a sense self-acceptance towards myself & my body and I established a really nourishing relationship with food again.

Within a month of working with Lara I got my period back after not having it for 9 months! And throughout the duration of working together, my skin became clearer, my brain fog lifted, I had so much more energy, my weight shifted, my mood & focus were significantly better and I experienced massive improvements in my digestive health too!

I also became motivated to go to the gym without feeling shame, my old clothes fit comfortably again and my overall confidence soared.

I would just like to express how grateful I am – I don’t think I would have felt as comfortable embarking on this journey with anyone else, quite frankly. Lara’s approach to questions & concerns is so kind and she explains everything so clearly. I have been dismissed a lot in the past by healthcare professionals so this experience was a little daunting to begin with, but Lara’s approach eased many of my initial worries.

I would therefore 100% recommend Lara to others – her guidance and knowledge has changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough!”

Anjali, Essex

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jenny testimonial

“Before working with Lara I was struggling with multiple symptoms either daily, or most days of the week. These symptoms were as a result of PCOS as well as possible food intolerances; they included fatigue, abdominal cramping, excess hair & being unable to shift weight very easily. I also wasn’t having periods, which I had always thought was just due to my hormonal coil. Initially, I was most apprehensive that even with Lara’s help nothing would work for me, as I had never had true success with anything in the past. I was worried that the financial investment might be wasted if I didn’t gain any benefit from her help.

Within a couple of weeks working with Lara I started to see a huge change in my energy levels. I also began to see my weight shift gradually (and continue to steadily do so over time) which was so encouraging for me, and I also started having periods! One of the most significant physical changes for me was no longer suffering with frequent abdominal pains. Another big change I have noticed since working with Lara is my self image – my relationship with my body has changed significantly. I now feel so much happier and more confident in my own skin I feel so much more confident about myself in general. I have realised how restricted and stressed I had been feeling about food and my body prior to my time with Lara, and I feel so much more free and happy with the way things are now. I find that I am much more reflective when significant things happen in my life and have tools for being kinder to myself. Lara is very much a holistic practitioner and I think this made a huge impact on our successes.

Overall, my experience with Lara has been fantastic, it has changed so many aspects of my life, not just the way I eat, and is something that I will continue to practice going forward.

I cannot recommend Lara enough, she is so caring and encouraging, she truly listens, and has helped me to not only transform my physical health, but also my self image. I was very sad for our time together to come to an end! The investment was 100% worth it for me.”

Jenny, Manchester

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jenny testimonial

“If you’re hesitating to work with Lara, don’t! Here’s why:

1. She’s a true PCOS / nutrition expert – Lara helped me understand what PCOS was better than any doctor has, the various symptoms linked to it, and most importantly helped me figure out what some of the root causes might be for my acne and hirsutism. After going to countless GPs/ OBGYNs who’s only solution to my PCOS symptoms was the pill, or who were quick to dismiss my symptoms after a 10 min appointment, this was an absolute breath of fresh air. She made me realise that there are different tools / approaches I can incorporate into my day-to-day life to improve my symptoms – this felt absolutely revolutionary and I don’t feel so desperate anymore. I only wish I had come across her earlier on in my life!

2. Her approach is holistic and tailored to you – she doesn’t only look at nutrition, she looks at all parts of your life like sleep, stress, our upbringing and other factors that may have an impact on PCOS symptoms and cause flares – again this was an absolute breath of fresh air and an approach that many GPs / OBGYNs do not take.

3. She REALLY listens – Lara asks the right questions and got me thinking about areas of my nutrition and my life that need change. I felt like I got so much attention from her on a daily basis. She’d review my food intake every day and our fortnightly calls were absolutely amazing! We’d assess progress and challenges in detail. She’d then make recommendations accordingly. There were times where I felt like I made no progress at all and instead regressed but she taught me not to be so harsh on myself – it truly is a journey. At no time did I ever feel like she missed a single detail of what I had told her, she captured everything beautifully and always came up with multiple solutions for us to implement.

Bottom line – Lara has helped me better understand my body, my hormones and has equipped me with a package of tools that have honestly changed my life; I feel calmer and in a better mental / physical state since working with her. In fact, within a couple of months of working with Lara, I got pregnant and I have no doubt that she was a big part in helping with this. I was at the healthiest I had ever been in my life when I found out about my pregnancy!

Oh and by the way, she’s an awesome person to get to know and a PLEASURE to speak to – this isn’t the last time I’ll be working with her, that’s for sure!”

Samar, London

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malena testimonial

“When I started working with Lara, I had classic PCOS symptoms of not having my period in more than a year, cystic acne and blood sugar irregularities (that lead to irritability). I also had digestive issues namely: acid reflux, bloating, constipation and stomach cramps.

Initially, I was hesitant to work together as I was unsure if nutrition would actually help my problems. Doctors made me feel as though there was no solution for my lack of periods other than going back on the pill and that my IBS was something I’d just have to put up with.

But, since implementing Lara’s recommendations, I’ve had my period every month for the last 6 months; for someone with PCOS this is a massive achievement! My cystic acne also gradually improved and has now cleared up significantly; when I do get breakouts, they’re only one or two pimples, which is way more manageable.

My IBS took more time to resolve but I now know my triggers, and how to address any flares if they do happen (these also don’t last as long, and aren’t as severe).

I didn’t realise how much stress, sleep and anxiety were taking a toll on my health until I started working together with Lara. This is still an unfolding journey but I now have tools and know what to do in advance to support myself if I have a busy week ahead.

This process of working together with Lara has helped me become more confident in knowing what lifestyle suits me and what doesn’t (what to say no to etc), and I’ve learned a lot of self acceptance along the way. I’ve also fallen in love with food all over again rather than seeing it as the enemy or something restrictive.

Lara is super compassionate as she has dealt with these issues herself, and she also truly cares about her clients. She’s really relatable and listens to everything you have to say. Lara made me feel really comfortable talking to her about my personal issues/symptoms. She’s very patient and works around your lifestyle and has great advice. She’s there every step of the way, responding to any queries that come up.

In using food & lifestyle factors, it’s important to trust the ongoing process and be patient as you are not going to get instant results in a month. It takes time to change and to give your body a chance to respond. You also can’t do this halfheartedly because you won’t get very far.

I’ve been incredibly privileged to work with Lara and she’s definitely made a positive impact on my life.”

Malena, London

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lisa testimonial

“I reached out to Lara when a friend said she was tired of hearing me complain about my acne. Never would I have imagined my skin issues were the tip of the iceberg and I was about to embark on a life-changing journey of mind, body and soul.

Lara unpacked conditions I didn’t even realise I was struggling with. Thoughts I didn’t realise I was thinking. A diet I didn’t realise was having lasting effects on my health. But most importantly messages my own body was trying to give me about all of these. These were not small issues and when I harnessed them with Lara and worked through targeted solutions the results were literally life changing. I’m talking about changes so profound you, your friends and family notice.

From a PCOS diagnosis to food reaction, poor sleeping habits and hair loss, Lara’s approach was what I was looking for when I had lost faith in prescriptions and the conventional medical system. She is the perfect mix of modern day realism, scientific testing and (w)holistic approaches. I arrived desperate for an acne solution and left with an understanding of how to manage my gut, drastically reduce my physical symptoms and an awareness that my symptoms were not “just the way I am”.

If you’re thinking, as I once did, that you can’t afford to invest in yourself, my advice to you is you can’t afford not to.”

Lisa, London

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katherine testimonial

“I started the year feeling pretty low and at odds with my entire body. I was constantly tired, bloated, had stomach ache and brain fog. To top it off I felt extremely frustrated and anxious because I tried so hard to eat well, get plenty of sleep and I loved exercise. So why did I feel so awful? But then I got put in touch with Lara and from the moment we met I knew it would all work out ok. The relief I felt at talking through every detail of how I was feeling and have someone not only fully understand but also completely support me was unbelievable. Lara has the kindest heart and I knew there was never a single ounce of judgement. She made me realise that it was ok to be feeling the way I did.

Lara has been totally open since day one about the process we would go through, the way she works and what I should expect. She always explains what is happening in my body or with treatment in a way that makes sense to me and ensures I’m happy with all decisions. I have complete faith and trust not only in her technical skills but also in her genuine care for her clients. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional side of what I was going through. But, of course, Lara was with me every step of the way: talking through how I was feeling; where I was struggling; and how to be at peace with myself. These weren’t just short-term coping mechanisms, they were tools for a happy and healthy life. It is always about the bigger picture.

Lara has taught me so much about both my mind and my body and how they work together. I now feel so in tune with my body and can better understand what it needs at different times. My self-confidence, which had taken a dive, has massively increased. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, which is so liberating!

The difference in how I feel now compared to 12 months ago is astounding. I knew that this would be a long journey, with ups and downs, and there is still some way to go, but there is no one I would rather have supporting me through it. I am so thankful every day that I have Lara – I honestly don’t know where I would be without her.”

Katherine, London

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lisa testimonial

“I started working with Lara when I was going through a period of major stress and upheaval in my life, which were manifesting in a lot of health issues that I knew I needed nutritional support with. I had been diagnosed with PCOS, had fertility issues, was gaining weight and I was feeling really unhappy and frustrated with what to do.

From the first moment I met Lara, I was so reassured by her kindness and calm spirit. She was so thorough with her questions, leaving no stone unturned and that really made me feel as though I was in good hands. Over the six months of working with Lara, I now feel like a completely new person.

She gave me the information and support I needed, helping me to continually adapt and adjust to stressful situations in my life (which included moving to 2 countries in that time).

I feel so much more empowered because Lara has equipped me with the knowledge to make the best choices for me and my wellbeing.

What I loved about working with Lara is her holistic approach; it was never about strict diet plans, but making overall lifestyle changes with food, exercise and work habits to reduce stress, improve my symptoms and understand what’s working or not.

Thanks to Lara, I now have more regular cycles, more energy, less acne and I was also able to improve my insulin resistance and lose weight; I really could not have done that without her help.”

Maya, Australia

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alex testimonial

“Lara’s influence on my health journey thus far has been pivotal. Her gentle and (w)holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit has enriched and deepened my life. There is only immense gratitude. The depth of understanding she has of the intricate energy balances in the body is awe-inspiring and I have gained so much wisdom in the process.

For three years prior, hormonal imbalances manifesting as PCOS and low thyroid function as well as chronic gut-health issues (IBS, SIBO) had been the framework of my well-being. I had sought support by medical professionals in the respected fields of psychology, general practice and gynecology but no one could piece the clues together; I spiraled into fear, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Lara’s nutritional, emotional and spiritual guidance truly lifted me from a place of complete disempowerment and overwhelm to a place where I could finally breathe easy into the still space that vibrant health creates.

From an energetic perspective, I no longer experience bouts of unexplained fatigue, brain fog and low moods. My digestion has stabilized into a strong rhythm, allowing me to thrive on a diverse diet. My period is also returning into a more frequent rhythm of its own.

Profoundly, Lara also helped me to change the relationship I had with my body; I transitioned from being defined by syndromes and medical definitions to integrating these experiences into who I am. Instead of resenting what was going on, I learnt how to use them as a great teacher.

She guided me in tuning in, listening closely to the language my body was speaking, and how to best create an internal and external environment for the body to heal.

If you have been feeling unheard, confused and overwhelmed by your body I could not recommend Lara highly enough. She is a healing force, a deep listener and peaceful warrior who will guide you in how to tap into the immense wisdom your body holds.”

Alex, Zimbabwe

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katie testimonial

“Before working with Lara, I was struggling with fatigue, weight that wouldn’t shift, no periods, excess hair and frequent headaches. Initially, I was worried that this approach wouldn’t work for me given that I’d tried lots of different things over the years and not seen sustainable results.

Through our time of working together, I’ve had 17 pound weight loss so far, my overall energy is much better, my skin and hair are much healthier, my periods are starting to come back and my headaches are almost non-existent. These have all helped my confidence and with higher energy, I’m able to do more exercise again and I’m enjoying my day-to-day life more.

Lara is such a kind and lovely person, and working with her was such a pleasure. I looked forward to our fortnightly calls, and felt instantly calm when talking with her. She really invests herself in your journey and is there every step of the way.

Lara also really helped me learn about my body and how to love it – this was after years of hating & blaming my body because of not understanding why nothing was working. I’ve now learnt that my body is so important and I feel that I have more tools to support myself & my body. I’ve also realised that it’s not just what I eat that affects how my body works – my lifestyle & emotions play a role too. Through this process, I gained a lot more respect for my body, and I’m still working on furthering this.

I would definitely recommend Lara to others. Her constant support and experience really help you to understand your body better and learn how to take the necessary steps to look after it properly & see shifts in symptoms.

Katie, Wales

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eileen testimonial

“Before I met Lara, I was binging on nutrition podcasts and self-prescribing supplements in attempt to tackle post-pill break outs, mood swings and debilitating period cramps. I suspected I had a hormonal imbalance after coming off the pill and had recently been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid, for which surgery was recommended. I was in over my head.

Lara was exactly the person I needed. She’s kind and free of judgement, and has the experience and science to back up her interventions. She objectively tracked my symptoms, provided a thoughtful protocol incorporating supplements and lifestyle adjustments, guided hormone testing, and all the while kept a whole-person perspective. Lara was able to move the needle in a way I wasn’t able to on my own — I started seeing tangible results.

My skin is now clear and my period cramps and intense mood swings are a distant memory. I have more confidence with my clear skin and am no longer afraid to leave the house without a bottle of painkillers the week of my period. Lara thoroughly and thoughtfully explained hormone test results in a way that felt empowering and maintained such a positive mindset. It’s been so comforting to know someone I completely trust is looking out for not only my physical but also emotional well-being.

Eileen, London

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yasmine testimonial

“Lara is so great, I don’t know where to start. I got in touch with her after months of bouncing from doctor to doctor who were never able to provide me with any form of diagnosis for my digestive issues. During our first session, Lara listened to my situation, pieced everything together and was able to explain the likely reasons for my issues. After years of struggling with invasive procedures that showed “nothing was wrong with me”, medications that wouldn’t work, and diets that I would put myself on, my first session with Lara was the only thing that made me feel like my digestive health could be normal one day.

After working together for just over a year, I can happily say that my digestive health has significantly improved in ways that I didn’t think were possible. Lara has also helped me with my painful & heavy periods, which have been considerably less painful & lighter than what they used to be. But most importantly, meeting Lara has been one of the greatest gifts I could’ve ever given myself because it has led me on a path of self-love and self-care. Lara helped me realise just how much my psychological state was impacting my physical health, and provided me with every resource possible to support myself through what I was experiencing. More than that, Lara was always there to listen to me, always reminding me to approach myself with gentleness & compassion, while taking the necessary action to get where I wanted to be going.

I can honestly say that I would’ve been a completely different person right now had I not met Lara, both physically and emotionally. I am so grateful for working with her and the profound benefit it’s had on my overall well-being.”

Yasmine, Lebanon

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patricia testimonial

“I started working with Lara in January just after I had been diagnosed with Endometriosis. I didn’t know much about it but all I knew was that nutrition plays a big role. Lara was recommended to me by a dear friend so I knew I was in great hands. My main concerns were to address the acute symptoms, upcoming surgery and fertility.

Lara helped me understand how my body works, what Endometriosis does to my body and how I can support my body with the correct nutrition and supplements. She supported me in every shape or form possible. She prepared me mentally and physically for surgery and post surgery. I had no doubt about working with her at all, we clicked right from the start and her deep knowledge about the female body and hormones impressed me on a weekly basis.

Thanks to working with Lara I’ve also become more connected to my body on a deeper level and it is also very much thanks to all her hard work that now 9 months after beginning on my journey with her that I’m pregnant and I couldn’t think of anyone better to embark on this next journey with!”

Patricia, London

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cheryl testimonial

“I sought a consultation with Lara to deal with my recent diagnosis of endometriosis. I found Lara’s advice very helpful and also very practical. She took the time to understand the realities and demands of my life and schedule, and identified ways in which I could work within that to make the necessary adjustments to my lifestyle and diet. She also developed an excellent supplement protocol for me.

After a time of working with Lara, my gynaecologist did a scan which indicated that my ovarian cyst had shrunk by nearly half – I believe that making these lifestyle changes + starting the supplements, as per Lara’s advice, have been what’s made the difference. I’ve also lost weight and my jawline acne has cleared up considerably. Thanks so much for doing what you do – it’s made a huge difference to my life and well being!”

Cheryl, Singapore

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jodie testimonial

“When I first met Lara she immediately made me feel supported and less hopeless. Through of time of working together, my gut has healed enormously and I’m so relieved to be dealing with WAY less bloating, dermatitis, food-guilt and anxiety. I also feel more informed and empowered to make my own decisions about food and health, even if they’re not always the ‘perfect’ decisions.

Lara provides substantial and thorough support; she’s approachable, relatable and effective. She’s also loving and funny and cheeky and smart – she’s a breath of fresh air. Even though finances can be a concern, working with Lara to optimise your health is the most generous, loving thing you can do for yourself because it’s a gift to yourself for life.”

Jodi, Los Angeles

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suzanna testimonial

“Prior to working with Lara, my primary issues were related to my IBS and my digestive issues (bloating, constipation, acid reflux) were causing increasing discomfort in my daily life. I was initially hesitant about the time investment and whether I would be able to hold myself accountable and actually follow through with the meal plans. I had previously tried low FODMAP on my own, with a very low level of commitment, and was concerned about that pattern repeating here. Thankfully, these concerns were totally unfounded!

The meal and wellness improvement plans were easy to follow, as Lara listened to my concerns and worked with me to create plans that were a great fit for my lifestyle and food preferences. The high level of support Lara provides also makes it easy to be accountable for working with the plan, logging meals, etc. I really benefited from her commitment to my journey, which made me feel more committed to being present and following through with everything.

Since working with Lara, my digestive issues have almost completely disappeared and I feel much more in control of my body. I’ve learned how to listen to my body and feel like I have the tools and knowledge to navigate my relationship with food and my body going forward.

I would absolutely recommend working with Lara! The six months I spent working with her have a had a truly positive impact on my life and proven to be a great investment on every level.”

Suzanna, London

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carin testimonial

“I was diagnosed with an auto immune condition. It felt like a ‘loss’ that I mourned and I was experiencing a lot of physical pain. For me, it felt all intertwined. I could not make head or tail of my situation sometimes. I had to make decisions about treatment plans but felt my questions or reservations were not being listened to. It was a complicated experience. Still, the pain maintained and the pressure to follow the treatment plan was making me anxious.

I felt understood by Lara from our first conversation. Lara brought together some correlating symptoms and the impact/influence they could have on where I found myself. My determination to improve my health was a big driving force, and Lara helped to channel this in a supportive way. We worked on setting a solid foundation with sleep, balancing blood sugar levels, addressing digestive health and including nourishing food for my body. I thought it would be tough; but instead it was a gradual change and there was a lot of grace in my experience.

The best thing about my work with Lara is the immense support I received from her. She helped me to reframe my view of my body to a more loving and understanding one. Lara also gave regular feedback with timely check-ins that served as great motivation. Through this, I have grown to understand what my body needs better, and have experienced pain levels decreasing as a result.

I highly recommend anyone on a journey to health (whether it is pain related, hormonal, an auto immune condition or improving digestive health) to jump into that first conversation with Lara.

Lara was open about the process, about how she works and what to expect. I found her open to listen and understand my personal circumstances and we found ways to implement the phases of the process. Have an open mind to Lara’s recommendations. In my experience she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

I am very thankful for working with Lara and continue to use the knowledge I gained during our time together.”

Carin, Canterbury

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lauren testimonial

“I have suffered with chronic digestive issues for over a decade: I have a history of poor nutrition as a child coupled with a teenage eating disorder- not a match made in heaven for the gut. I tried countless methods to improve my symptoms and even sought the help of a nutritionist when I was 19. Results were always temporary.

I found Lara after being recommended her by my friend – I was immediately impressed by her balanced approach in that she focuses not only on addressing your issues but also at what is causing them in the first place. She helped me learn so much about my own body.

My chronic digestive issues + heavy periods have steadily gotten better month after month of working with her. She is also such a lovely woman and she works endlessly: checking up on your progress and making amendments to your program to make sure you get the best results possible. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Lauren, London

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grace testimonial

“I have really loved working with Lara! She feels like a friend straightaway, which is so helpful when you’re sharing such intimate details about yourself.

Lara has been so knowledgeable and I love using food + lifestyle changes to tackle my digestive + hormonal issues – they are approaches that have really opened my eyes to the world of nutrition + wellness, which has changed my life forever. Thank you!

Lara is great at keeping in touch, checking-in, adapting to any issues quickly, answering any questions I may have and also keeping me accountable, which I really appreciated.”

Grace, London

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mala testimonial

“I have spent the majority of my life struggling with weight fluctuations and disordered eating. I had tried every single diet and way of eating there was to try. Sick of cabbage soup, maple syrup and eating enough meat to challenge a Lion, coupled with being both mentally and physically exhausted, I sought out Lara.

She welcomed my broken and damaged body, with no judgement and a warmth that immediately put me at ease. She was understanding and enlightening, informative and compassionate. Lara is undeniably amazing at what she does! She has a balance of loving, genuine care and kindness inter spliced with challenging and pushing you towards your goals. She is innovative and very up to date, often seeking out new approaches and tailoring them to your individual needs.

Having been round the NHS system of nutritionists and dieticians, Lara is in a league of her own. I trust her 100% with my wellbeing and would encourage anyone to do the same. She’s not only dedicated to achieving wellness for both your body and mind but massively encouraging and hilarious too!”

Mala, London

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summer testimonial

“My experience working with Lara has been so interesting, informative and helpful right from the beginning. I was given excellent practical advice, a useful list of resources and so much support it was easy to implement, and continue to live a healthier lifestyle.

After a lifetime of pain and frustration, I feel like there is finally a light at the end of my tunnel of digestive issues and all its associated health concerns. I recommend Lara to friends and family whenever I have the opportunity!”

Summer-Rayne, UK

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summer testimonial

“I came to Lara broken, very nearly hopeless and terrified. My body was screaming at me with symptoms I had long since learned to ignore. This has been a 15-year long journey through health hell with symptoms spanning systematically throughout my body. I had diagnoses of autoimmune thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, recurring shingles and suspected coeliac.

Things I got used to hearing… ‘within the normal range’ ‘highly unlikely’ ‘that’s not possible’ ‘we’ll up your dosage to…’. In fact, I went to one immunologist and asked if my symptoms could be down to food, only to be told no – a balanced diet is all you need… what constitutes a balanced diet?!?! No one was listening to the symptoms my body was trying its best to tell everyone. It was a very dark time for me and fighting through it trying to get someone to listen was starting to feel impossible. Like I was making it up. Like it was all in my head. Like what I actually needed was psychological help. Or that it was time to give up.

And then I found Lara.

From day 1 I knew this was different. Not only did she want to go through my entire history – asking questions that no one ever had before – but I felt completely supported and able to reveal the extent of what had happened to me. I trusted her immediately. Her knowledge base is vast and her approach to nutrition and holistic healing not only makes an outrageous amount of logical sense, but she gives you the control to get your life back. At no point did I feel like I had to convince her of my symptoms. For the first time ever, I felt like I was working with someone, rather than against them.

My health deteriorated in an extremely terrifying way at the time. I started developing reactions to thyroxine – something I had been on for years but was far too scared to stop taking the drug. Once again, I was crippled by an illness that doesn’t appear on blood tests. Lara was incredible throughout this time. I heard from her regularly and she convinced me to get signed off work to try and give my body a break – something I wasn’t even aware I could do! Looking back, I don’t think I would have got through it without her. She constantly had my back and helped me find a more functionally minded endocrinologist which has actually led to a potentially life changing diagnosis. It looks like my monsters under the bed have actually been PoTS and mast cell activation disorder. I’ve since come off levothyroxine – it was a rare reaction to the medication and as it transpired, I didn’t need it anyway. I only take 2 pills a day now… this time last year I was on 20.

Seeing Lara sparked a chain of events that may well have saved, and at the very least extended, my life. My quality of life since starting our journey has improved astronomically. I was stumbling around in the dark, without a clue on how to help myself heal. With her encouragement and positivity, she has helped me find some desperately needed answers and direction in how to help me heal. Beyond the physical, I think the biggest and most important part of the process for me was how Lara helped changed the way I perceived myself. Before working with her I hated my body. I despised it for failing me and not allowing me to live a normal life, for not allowing me to live any sort of life. I hated my symptoms and had so much anger and disgust towards myself and blamed my body for not being able to do the things other people found so desperately easy. Lara has this light, this pure energy that she is generous and kind enough to share. She taught me to look at my body not as something that was fighting me, but like my symptoms were just its way of letting everyone know that there was something wrong. That we needed to listen when this happened and then we might be able to work out how to help it get better. The impact of this in itself has been enormous. For the first time in my life I don’t hate myself for not being able to keep up, or physically move. I’m not disgusted when I swell up because I’ve started reacting to a new food. And I’m so sorry for all those years of anger and angst.

With Lara, I learnt to work with my body and to stop fighting against it. Every part of my journey with Lara has been healing – of mind, body and soul – and I have infinite respect for her knowledge, her process and her experience.”

Katie, London

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mackenzie testimonial

“Working with Lara has been an absolute pleasure!

When we started this journey together, I felt so lost and frustrated about my PCOS and digestive ailments. Lara has supported me with these not only through nutrition & lifestyle interventions, but also with emotional support; through this, she has facilitated my personal growth in ways I would have never been able to achieve otherwise.

In addition to caring about improving my wellness, she also cares that I actually understand the reasoning behind every intervention we have implemented together. I therefore now have a much more profound appreciation of my anxiety and how mental health is so delicately intertwined with digestive, and overall, health.

This hasn’t been an easy journey, but Lara has been available to help and support me every step of the way.

My digestive & hormonal health have improved tremendously, and I would highly recommend Lara to anyone who is seeking help with similar concerns.”

Mackenzie, North Carolina

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sophie testimonial

“From the very beginning of working together, Lara was professional, respectful of where I was coming from, understanding and compassionate. Her communication and suggestions were always clear and it felt like she really cared about understanding what mattered to me in my wellbeing journey.

Lara helped me to make some relatively simple yet very helpful changes to my intake, which really made sense. But even more than that, it felt like a process of learning how to nourish myself better in all areas of life.

I really appreciated Lara’s holistic way of working; she acknowledges the links between the emotional and the physiological, and this helped a lot of things fall into place for me.

I highly recommend working with Lara as a practitioner!”

Sophie, London

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“Before working with Lara, my symptoms were chronic constipation, bloating, painful & heavy periods, acne, very low energy, bags under my eyes, and frequent headaches due to high-stress job. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism >5 years ago and that explained many of the symptoms I was experiencing with constant fatigue & having very low motivation for things in general.

I attempted addressing a lot of these things on my own prior to working with Lara, through diet, natural cosmetics, supplements, seeing specialist doctors etc. Even though I saw some improvements, they were not long lasting and I felt I was playing more of a guessing game. I therefore really wanted to find someone who could guide me through the process of understanding my body better and support me with individualised nutrition & lifestyle recommendations.

I loved Lara’s approach of leaning towards our body’s ability to heal & being a huge advocate throughout this process. There were moments where I felt really low and thought things were not working only to understand that things sometimes do get worse before getting better. Lara’s relentless support & kind approach were paramount. She was extremely helpful during those hard moments, bringing in more perspective & additional tips. She is very thorough and will always check in on every little thing that may help.

I also loved that the program is not necessarily focused on quick fixes and shortcuts (such as taking tons of supplements) but instead it is built around truly understanding how our bodies communicate with us, and then incorporating targeted changes of support.

My periods have improved with a much lighter flow and the pain is now barely noticeable. My chronic constipation has improved drastically (and we established that stress is one of the main reasons for causing this). I also have much less bloating & flatulence, clear skin, more energy, better stress management (and I generally recover from stressful situations faster), the bags under my eyes are less noticeable & my headaches frequency is much less. I feel more enthusiastic about things in general and working together with Lara has inspired me to sign up for a nutrition course 🙂

I am certainly more respectful towards my symptoms & my body and no longer feel like my body has ”let me down”. This is huge as before, symptoms would really have upset me, whereas I now know how to support myself, all thanks to working together with Lara.

She is a lot of fun to work with, and every consultation was a joy – we often ended up laughing a lot of funny at situations & moments! Equally though, Lara also is very professional and thorough.

I’d therefore highly recommend Lara to anyone who is looking for a compassionate practitioner, and also wanting to understand the real reasons behind their symptoms.”

Nuri, London

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“Since working with Lara, I now have a greater understanding of how to manage my gut, improved digestive issues, eczema + psoriasis almost completely resolved, body fat come down by 5% in 6 months, weight loss, centimetres lost, more energy, more stable moods, reduced post nasal drip and actual periods.

I have learned lifelong lessons in nutrition + bodily functions through working with Lara. She has an extremely supportive nature and didn’t put too much pressure on me too soon. I recommended working with Lara to all my friends, family, colleagues + people I meet out and about because you CAN address the symptoms that are making you feel unwell rather than settling for the belief that ‘it’s just the way you are’.”

Leila, London

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“Lara is very thorough in her approach and has definitely helped me reduce stomach sensitivity and identify my main triggers. Overall very knowledgeable and Lara takes the time to explain things in depth. She’s very friendly and easy to work with.”

Helen, London

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“I reached out to Lara at a particularly low point in my life. As a bit of a perfectionist I had been putting a lot of pressure on myself professionally and was feeling exhausted, stressed and burned out from working long hours. This had resulted in a number of digestive and hormonal issues – namely I had unintentionally lost almost a stone in weight and was suffering with constant stress-related gut issues which only made matters worse with regards to continuous weight loss. I had also previously been diagnosed with cysts on my ovaries and possible PCOS (despite being of a very slim build) and was dealing with dull skin and constant acne breakouts, hair loss and my periods had gone from being erratic to stopping all together. All in all I was not in a great place and was really reaching a breaking point.

Lara was exactly the kind of person I needed to work with. She treated me with kindness and a complete lack of judgement. I felt fully supported throughout the process and that she genuinely cared about my wellbeing. I was initially worried about making some of the dietary changes she suggested because I was adamant that I didn’t want to lose any more weight and wanted to put back on what I had lost as quickly as possible. However Lara explained to me very clearly why we were making the changes we were and what the benefits of doing so would be. She provided me with nutrient-rich meal plans as well as recommendations for supplements which would support me both digestively and hormonally. It wasn’t an immediate fix but over time I started to see steady improvements after following her recommendations — my digestive problems have now improved enormously and after a few months my periods came back and have been less painful and more regular than they had been previously. I’ve also managed to put back on the weight I had lost and am feeling a lot healthier overall.

Lara really does go above and beyond what I would have expected from working with a dietitian. She keeps in regular contact throughout the process, reviewing your progress and making recommendations as you go. She treats you like a friend and also helped support me with stress management and insomnia by connecting me with specialists who could help in these areas, as well as being a constant pillar of support during the low points herself. I would absolutely recommend Lara to anyone who is having similar problems to what I experienced, for me it has been completely worth the money and I feel so much better now than I did 6 months ago!”

Sarah, London

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“Working with Lara has been a deeply supportive and healing experience. She has empowered me to create a solid foundation of good health after years of struggling with PCOS, and I feel more in tune with my body, and more balanced than ever before.

My blood sugar is stable, my moods are gentle, my wellbeing is real.

Lara genuinely helped me to cut through the noise of conflicting advice and return to the fundamentals of addressing hormonal imbalance – making changes to my diet and lifestyle that are sustainable, effective, easy.

I feel so much gratitude for Lara’s guidance, insight and expertise, and feel really lucky to have been able to work with her. It’s possible to heal from PCOS, with the right support, and Lara is a rare guiding light in this field.”

Emma, Psychotherapist, London

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