“I sought a consultation with Lara to deal with my recent diagnosis of endometriosis. I found Lara’s advice very helpful and also very practical. She took the time to understand the realities and demands of my life and schedule, and identified ways in which I could work within that to make the necessary adjustments to my lifestyle and diet. She also developed an excellent supplement protocol for me. After a time of working with Lara, my gynaecologist did a scan which indicated that my ovarian cyst had shrunk by nearly half – I believe that making these lifestyle changes + starting the supplements, as per Lara’s advice, have been what’s made the difference. I’ve also lost weight and my jawline acne has cleared up considerably. Thanks so much for doing what you do – it’s made a huge difference to my life and well being!”

Cheryl K, Singapore

“When I first met up with Lara she immediately made me feel supported and less hopeless. Through working together with her, my gut has healed enormously and I’m so relieved to be dealing with WAY less bloating, dermatitis, food-guilt and anxiety. I also feel more informed and empowered to make my own decisions about food and health, even if they’re not always the ‘perfect’ decisions. Lara provides substantial and thorough support – she’s approachable, relatable and effective. She’s also loving and funny and cheeky and smart – she’s a breath of fresh air. Even though finances can be a concern, working with Lara to optimise your health is the most generous, loving thing you can do for yourself – because it’s a gift to yourself for life.”

Jodi B, Los Angeles

“I have suffered with chronic digestive issues for over a decade: I have a history of poor nutrition as a child coupled with a teenage eating disorder- not a match made in heaven for the gut. I tried countless methods to improve my symptoms and even sought the help of a nutritionist when I was 19. Results were always temporary. I found Lara after being recommended her by my friend – I was immediately impressed by her balanced approach between practicing both western and more eastern methods in her protocols- i.e. She focuses on not only curing your issues (as per the western medicine approach) but also at what is causing it in the first place. She helped me learn so much about my own body. My chronic digestive issues + heavy periods have steadily gotten better month after month of working with her. She is also such a lovely woman and she works endlessly: checking up on your progress and making amendments to your program to make sure you get the best results possible. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Lauren S, London

“I have really loved working with Lara! She feels like a friend straightaway, which is so helpful when you’re sharing such intimate details about yourself. Lara has been so knowledgeable and I love using food + lifestyle changes to tackle my digestive + hormonal issues – they are approaches that have really opened my eyes to the world of nutrition + wellness, which has changed my life forever. Thank you! Lara is great at keeping in touch, checking-in, adapting to any issues quickly, answering any questions I may have and also keeping me accountable, which I really appreciated.”

Grace T, London

“Since working with Lara, I now have a greater understanding of how to manage my gut, improved digestive issues, eczema + psoriasis almost completely resolved, body fat come down by 5% in 6 months, weight loss, centimetres lost, more energy, more stable moods, reduced post nasal drip and actual periods. I have learned lifelong lessons in nutrition + bodily functions through working with Lara. She has an extremely supportive nature and didn’t put too much pressure on me too soon. I recommended working with Lara to all my friends, family, colleagues + people I meet out and about because you CAN address the symptoms that are making you feel unwell rather than settling for the belief that ‘it’s just the way you are’.”

Leila M, London

“Lara is very thorough in her approach and has definitely helped me reduce stomach sensitivity and identify my main triggers. Overall very knowledgeable and Lara takes the time to explain things in depth. She’s very friendly and easy to work with.”

Helen B, London

“I have spent the majority of my life struggling with weight fluctuations and disordered eating. I had tried every single diet and way of eating there was to try. Sick of cabbage soup, maple syrup and eating enough meat to challenge a Lion, coupled with being both mentally and physically exhausted, I sought out Lara. She welcomed my broken and damaged body, with no judgement and a warmth that immediately put me at ease. She was understanding and enlightening, informative and compassionate. Lara is undeniably amazing at what she does! She has a balance of loving, genuine care and kindness inter spliced with challenging and pushing you towards your goals. She is innovative and very up to date, often seeking out new approaches and tailoring them to your individual needs. Having been round the NHS system of nutritionists and dieticians, Lara is in a league of her own. I trust her 100% with my wellbeing and would encourage anyone to do the same. She’s not only dedicated to achieving wellness for both your body and mind but massively encouraging and hilarious too!”

Mala S, London

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