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Social impact

Marula Wellness partners with The Restoration Hem Project who are a phenomenal team based in Zimbabwe, providing school girls with sustainable menstrual products.⁠

Inadequate access to appropriate menstrual products is a global issue. In fact, a journal published in Obstetrics & Gynecology in 2019, found that two thirds of respondents identified as low income in St. Louis, America, had faced difficulties accessing period products over the last year.

Even though this is a global issue, because I am from Zimbabwe myself, I have wanted to find a meaningful way to support the challenges surrounding menstruation faced by this community.

Many school girls in Zimbabwe typically resort to using leaves, old rags or dung as a result of not having access to pads/tampons/menstrual cups; this often leads school absence or drop out in up to 1 in 5 girls.

No education because of having a period? Nope. Not okay.⁠

So what The Restoration Hem Project  do is distribute kits to cover school girls’ periods for up to three years.

One period kit costs $7 USD and contains reusable pads that are sewn by a team in Zimbabwe, using locally-sourced materials, where possible.

So beyond providing solutions to period needs for school girls, RHP also provides employment! Double win!

In addition to this, upon distribution, The Restoration Hem Project holds seminars to educate both boys & girls on the menstrual cycle so as to address the stigma around periods.

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And here’s what Marula Wellness’s commitment to The Restoration Hem Project is:⁠

• For every new 1:1 client, Marula Wellness will cover 1 menstruation kit/month for the duration of working with that client.⁠

• From the needs identified by the RHP Team in Zimbabwe, Marula Wellness will provide written resources pertaining to food choices in very resource-limited settings, as well as further educational materials regarding menstruation.


• Marula Wellness will help to raise awareness of the realities that so many girls (and women) face as a result of simply having a period, and the huge impact this then has on their education, ability to work and dignity.⁠

⁠Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.⁠