Thinking Differently about Skincare with Lulu&Marula

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Thinking Differently about Skincare with Lulu&Marula

Work starts at 8am and with an hour’s commute, you set your alarm for 5.50: this getting ready thing takes taaaime. And hey, with the new SINGLE (cue angels singing) hottie two desks down, you reckon it’s worth every minute – heck, at this rate, it bloody well better be.

So you begin your beauty routine with a good old face wash, a generous dollop of moisturiser, and let’s not forget that eye-cream because WRINKLES. You then plop on the primer, followed by foundation, concealer, blush, lip liner, gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, brow pencil, mascara aaand you think you’re good to go.

You then make sure your pearly whites are sparkling by giving those a good brushing. And because no-one likes a stinker, you roll on that roll-on and douce yourself in your new fave fragrance.

With a couple more squirts of hairspray you’re out that door, feeling like Beyonce during her pregnancy photo shoot: hot and powerful.

Whilst we’re all about making dragons wanna retire man, can we just hold the phone.

Research from the environmental working group, showed that on average, woman are covered in a 168 chemicals before leaving the house.


Whilst some may argue that “the levels of harmful additives found in these products are considerably lower than reported toxic concentrations”, others highlight that it’s the “chronic low-level exposure” that warrants concern.

But what’s the big deal, really?

Well, to put it simply: about 60% of the stuff that we put on our bod’s gets absorbed through our skin. And when we’re dealing with certain ingredients (parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulphates and triclosan – to name but half a handful) that could mean adverse effects on our sex hormones, thyroid function and nervous systems.

So what’s a babe to do?

Well, thankfully when it comes to skin & body care the gorgeous Jesslyn from Lulu&Marula has got your back.

So let’s head over to the Southern Hemisphere to find out more:

Where’s home? I’ve been living in Cape Town for over a year now, but I still feel like Jo’burg is home! I love both cities, they’re both exciting in their own ways.

It’s Saturday morning, the sun’s beaming down golden rays and it’s pretty much the most perfect temperature (so you’re not going to get fried to a crisp). Where we’re gonna find ya – up a mountain, on the beach or …? Probably on the beach with my two dogs, taking them for a walk and a swim. I’m a total dog lady.

What song is guaranteed to get you jamming? Seasons by Future Islands. Such a goodie!

What’s your take on pineapple on pizza? It’s not for me. I love pineapple, and I love pizza, and although I’ll eat them together (because who would say no to pizza?) I wouldn’t order it myself!

If you had to describe yourself using a flower, what would you be? Why? Haha that’s a question I’ve never been asked before! Maybe jasmine. I’m small and low-key, and I do my best work at night.

Let’s chat about Lulu&Marula – what’s it about? It’s a collection of natural and organic skin, bath and body care products that are made by hand in small batches. We’re all about simple skin care that works with your skin.

Why did you start it? My mother made a lot of her own soaps and body butters, so I kind of followed suit with my own skin care products. This was around the time that cleansing balms and facial oils gained popularity, but there weren’t a lot of options in South Africa. So I did some research and made my own. Things grew from there.

What’s in the name? Lulu is my dog 🙂 And Marula because we use the ingredient throughout our entire range. It’s Africa’s miracle oil, contains loads of antioxidants, and is lightweight making it great for all skin types.

You use completely natural ingredients – why’s this important? Your skin absorbs what you put on it. There is such an emphasis on what we eat and how we treat our bodies, and if this is so important, then our approach to skin care should be the same. Plant based ingredients are powerful healers, and can be super effective at treating all types of skin concerns. I rather use the real thing on my skin than something synthetic, made in a lab, which is designed to mimic a natural ingredient, where its only benefit is price.

What’s your favourite product that you make? This always changes depending on how my skin is feeling. Right now I’m loving my Purifying Treatment Oil. I use it day and night, all over my face, neck and chest. It’s super lightweight, absorbs really easily, and makes my skin feel so soft.

What’s the most satisfying thing about doing what you do? Getting positive feedback from customers as to how my products have benefited their skin. Problem skin can really affect self-esteem, and is super frustrating when you don’t know what’s causing your skin to freak out, whether it’s break outs, dullness or eczema. Having skin that looks and feels healthy, fresh and clear is a real confidence booster, and I love hearing these stories. It makes everything I do worthwhile.

We can’t wait to find you in stores in the UK – when’s that gonna be? We’re currently in the process of testing all our products and getting all the paperwork ready to be EU certified. It’s quite a lengthy process, but we’re hoping to creep into UK stores by the end of this year. In the meantime, we still deliver orders made from our online store, so head to!

And if you need some more support in figuring out what’s best for your bod not only from what you put on it, but what you put in it? My door’s open – let’s chat.

Image by Dearheart Photos.