Work with me

Forget the “you’ll just need to learn to live with it” statements about your symptom-filled existence.

On my journey to heal PCOS and finally get my period back,

I discovered the power of food and changed what I ate.

The surprise side effect?

I get to experience so much more of life now.

And the best part about that?

I can help you do the same.

I believe in empowerment, not hard rules.
I like quick starts, not quick fixes.
I know what it feels like to be at constant war with your own body (despite eating what seems like the pretty perfect diet + exercising like a mofo).

And I’m here to say that

it doesn’t have to be that way.

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What you need to know about working with me

I’m an HCPC registered dietitian, with a BSc in Dietetics, who takes more of a functional approach.

You can be confident that you’re in the hands of someone with in-depth, up-to-date, evidence-based knowledge who will always come back to viewing you and your body as an artwork of integrated (rather than separate) systems – a whole.

I’ve supported clients with the following conditions

• Hormonal acne

• Unbearable bloating

• Unexplained exhaustion

• Loose stools seven times a day

• Hard stools once every five days

• Farts more smelly than a fermenting cabbage factory

• The rebound effects of coming off certain birth control pills

• Disappearing periods that make you feel like you’re going mad

• Really heavy periods that have ruined more than one beach day + hot date

• Painful periods that have you throwing up + not letting you leave the house

• and let’s not forget about the fire-breathing PMS

Basically everything from IBS to PCOS to endometriosis and all that’s been left undiagnosed in between.

Especially what’s been undiagnosed.

The Healthie Platform

All the ease of an app, with the comfort of a real professional on the other side.

We’ll work with top modern tools so that you can keep me in your pocket. Forget carrying around a notebook! We work through an app and platform called Healthie where you’ll seamlessly process payments, track your customised symptoms, reflect on what it feels like to tune into your body and access your discussed meal plans.

I overview everything you log in real time and can therefore make timely adjustments to recommendations.

When I need to see what you’re eating it’s as simple as a taking a photo of your food, I do the rest of the work.

Our fortnightly phone calls are for discussing things more in-depth and coming up with strategies that’ll work for YOU.

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So what should you do?

If you’ve a few years to spare, I’d highly recommend the road I took. But if you want to start your healing journey today?

I’ve got you covered.

Voilà- the menu is served…

The Menu



Duration: 90 minute call
Investment: £250*
Credited towards any plan*

You’re looking to find out what’s making your body freak out and how to go about setting things straight. I’ll answer all your burning questions and give you a meal plan for a week to get you started. Here you’ll get clarity and hope. It’s where we’ll always start so it’s deductible to any of the plans outlined below.

If you’re on the fence, this choice is a no-brainer. Don’t waste money taking tests you don’t need to and quit torturing yourself with all the conflicting advice Dr Google gives you. Rather relax in the knowledge that a professional has made a thorough assessment of your specific situation to get you started on one of the most beautiful journeys of your life: healing your body.

After you book your call You’ll be taken to a safe + secure platform called Healthie where you can:

• Create an account
• Book yourself in for your consultation
• Read through + sign the Terms of Engagement
• Complete the health questionnaire (just a heads up that it’s pretty long!)
• Process your payment

During your assessment, we’ll:

• Discuss your main health complaints and concerns
• Go over my assessment based on your health questionnaire you’ve filled out prior to our call
• Use a timeline to piece together how, when, why certain symptoms started
• Review any recent tests you’ve had (in the last 3 months)
• Cover your current intake
• Discuss factors other than food that could be relevant to address
• Go through my recommendations individualised for you

After your assessment I will:

• Create a food plan for you (based on the above) to get you started
• Help you arrange any testing that might be indicated
• Get you tracking + tuning in on the Healthie App

You’ll notice:

• How GOOD it feels to have someone who’s got your back, finally figuring all this out with you
• That there really are things you can do to support yourself
• A sense of clarity for the way forward
• That your symptoms will start to make sense

There are three options for us to move onto for Mains:


12 x fortnightly calls
Written + Actionable Feedback after each Follow Up
Personalised Protocol, regularly reviewed
Ongoing support via Healthie



18 x fortnightly calls
Written + Actionable Feedback after each Follow Up
Personalised Protocol, regularly reviewed
Ongoing support via Healthie



24 x fortnightly calls
Written + Actionable Feedback after each Follow Up
Personalised Protocol, regularly reviewed
Ongoing support via Healthie


I’ve got your back and from the bottom of my heart, I want what’s best for you so following the Starter 90 Minute Assessment + Consultation, I’ll better be able to gauge how long we’ll likely need to work together. I’ll then pop together a proposal for the recommended package based on your story, and we’ll rock + roll from there.

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