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What is a Nutritionist?

As a nutritionist, I have a deep appreciation of the profound impact that food can have on reversing your PCOS symptoms.

I combine scientific research with my clinical experience, and use this together with your individual story, to guide you in how best to use nutrition to reverse your PCOS symptoms, grow a trusting relationship with your body and ultimately live your fullest & most satisfying life.

A nutritionist should help you tune into the everyday messages that your body sends you; and rather than fearing these or being frustrated by them, I’ll help to empower you in confidently understanding what foods allow you and your body to flourish.

In my opinion, nutrition should form the foundation of every attempt to bring about lasting healing, and that’s exactly what we do in Bloom: The Marula Wellness Signature Program.

What we eat, we literally become. And if we’re able to support your body in optimising the use of the nutrients you eat, the more you’ll notice it not only in how you heal but how you live too.

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who can nutritionist help

Who can a Nutritionist Help?

Anybody! I don’t have an ounce of doubt of the positive impact of food, whatever the condition or symptoms at hand.

But the people I love helping the most are women with PCOS.

Having PCOS myself, I’m all too familiar with the symptoms that come with it from irregular (or completely MIA) periods; thick, dark chin, chest & belly hair; thinning temple hair; angry adult acne; fatigue to an inability to lose weight (for some) – not to mention associated conditions such as thyroid dysfunction & Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

By intently listening to your individual story, I piece information together and harness the immense power of nutrition as we journey together to reverse your PCOS symptoms.

We then create a sustainable and realistic way forward that’s highly customised to your individual situation – no cookie cutter approaches here!

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Understanding PCOS

When we’re part of the 6 – 10% of women of reproductive age living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS), we feel as though we know the condition all too well.

While we might be so familiar with the symptoms, I still talk with women who have PCOS but, through no fault of their own, don’t fully understand what’s happening in their bodies.

This bothers me big time, because it leaves us in a hot, sticky, confused mess, convinced that our bodies are on a single-handed self-sabotaging mission against us.

And even though I totally know how hard it is to believe this now, our bodies are actually doing the very best that they can and every single PCOS symptom we experience is their only way of guiding us to more supportive food & lifestyle choices.

And I’m here to help you understand what these are for you.

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pcos nutritionist lara

If you’ve tried every diet under the sun but find yourself still struggling with PCOS symptoms of really long (to non-existent) periods, lack of ovulation, excess hair (in all the places that make us want to curl up & cry), unexplained weight gain (for some), acne, fertility issues, not to mention the psychological aspects that these bring?

Please know that there’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re not a failure, you don’t lack “willpower” and more than anything, your deep desires for your body (and life) don’t need to be forgotten.

Hi! I’m Lara Rickard. I’m a registered dietitian with a functional approach (and PCOS myself) and I support women who have literally tried e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g to reverse their symptoms, grow a trusting relationship with their body and live their truest, fullest & most satisfying life.

Through a real root cause approach – one where we don’t get caught up in silver bullet “answers” of endless testing & subsequent supplement-taking – we weave together both food & lifestyle factors (that are highly personalised, and will actually make a difference to your symptoms), and we place equal priority on growing a trusting relationship with your body.

This all happens through the Marula Wellness Signature Program, Bloom.

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A Functional Medicine Approach for your PCOS

Your body is your compass, your true north. And a functional medicine approach honours that.

It honours that symptoms are not merely to be managed & suppressed.

That you are a whole human being, a woman hungry for answers, explanation, understanding and reassurance that this absolutely isn’t all in your head.

That you already know deep within your being that how you live and what you eat have a profound impact on your experience of this one very precious life.

A functional medicine approach honours your body as an artwork of integrated systems woven together to form the breathtaking tapestry that is you.

And even though your PCOS symptoms might have you feeling like the furthest thing from that?

Through this approach, I meet you exactly where you’re at, listen to your own story, piece together your puzzle, respect your biochemical individuality and push as far upstream as possible to figure out how and why we’ve ended up where we have to begin with, so that we can journey together to reverse your PCOS symptoms in a way that feels sustainable & aligned for you.

But we don’t stop there.

I simultaneously support you in growing a trusting relationship with your body, even in the midst of PCOS flare ups.

Because when this happens?

You shift from a starting point of frustration & hopelessness to one where you’re so deeply grounded in care & kindness towards yourself & your body.

And your body then becomes your sovereign guide & ally to living your fullest & most satisfying life.

And that changes everything.

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  • suzanne testimonial
    Suzanne, London
    “I have been absolutely amazed by how things have shifted physically in just six months. My skin has cleared up, my periods & cycles have shortened, my weight has shifted, I no longer get daily headaches, I can concentrate on tasks, I’ve learnt how to deal with my anxiety and I have energy again! My view of my body has also changed completely through working with Lara.. I had close to given up on the hope of being healthy again but Lara was so thorough and dedicated to helping me, and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I would absolutely recommend Lara and Bloom, The Marula Wellness Signature Program!”
  • anjali testimonial
    Anjali, Essex
    “Within a month of working with Lara I got my period back after not having it for nine months! And throughout the duration of working together, my skin became clearer, my brain fog lifted, I had so much more energy, my weight shifted, my mood & focus were significantly better and I experienced massive improvements in my digestive health too! I also became motivated to go to the gym without feeling shame, my old clothes fit comfortably again and my overall confidence soared. I would 100% recommend Lara – her guidance and knowledge have changed my life for the better and I cannot thank her enough!”
  • maya testimonial
    Maya, Australia
    “Over the six months of working with Lara, I now feel like a completely new person. I now have more regular cycles, more energy, less acne and I was also able to improve my insulin resistance and lose weight; I really could not have done that without Lara’s help.”
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    Emma, London
    “Lara has empowered me to create a solid foundation of good health after years of struggling with PCOS, and I feel more in tune with my body, and more balanced than ever before. My blood sugar is stable, my moods are gentle, my wellbeing is real. Lara genuinely helped me to cut through the noise of conflicting advice and return to the fundamentals of addressing hormonal imbalance. It’s possible to heal from PCOS, with the right support, and Lara is a rare guiding light in this field.”
  • alex testimonial
    Alex, Zimbabwe
    “From an energetic perspective, I no longer experience bouts of unexplained fatigue, brain fog and low moods. My digestion has stabilized into a strong rhythm, allowing me to thrive on a diverse diet. My period is also returning into a more frequent rhythm of its own. If you have been feeling unheard, confused and overwhelmed by your body I could not recommend Lara highly enough. She is a healing force, a deep listener and peaceful warrior who will guide you in how to tap into the immense wisdom your body holds. ”
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    nutrition and pcos

    Nutrition & PCOS

    I have HUGE respect for the life-changing benefits of nutrition.

    I also know that “wellness” is way more nuanced than focusing on food alone.

    So you can breathe a big sigh of relief because I’m not about to prescribe some cookie cutter “PCOS diet”.

    My heart for you is to feel confident in your food choices and know firsthand what a profound role food plays in reversing PCOS symptoms – we use it to quench inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity and nurture & nourish your body. Because the truth is that food really does have the power to do that – we’ve just got to give it a chance.

    I also fully appreciate that for a lot of women with PCOS, food is an emotionally charged subject – not so much from a disordered eating point of view (although that does often come up) – more so because many of my 1:1 clients ARE eating a tiptop intake – but they still feel as though their bodies are falling apart as their cycles get longer, their acne gets angrier, their chins get hairier. And they’re left tearing out their already-falling-out-hair as they wonder “Why is nothing working?!”.

    So I just want to take a moment to say that I see you, I absolutely hear you and please know that you don’t have to give up on your dreams & desires for your body, and your life.

    There truly is another way.

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    lifestyle and pcos

    Lifestyle & PCOS

    I always say that you can be eating the most “perfect” intake for you & your body, but if other factors are at play, doing so will often only get us so far in reversing your PCOS symptoms.

    Food has a truly powerful role in reversing your PCOS symptoms but it’s not the be & end all.

    When working together through The Marula Wellness Signature Program to reverse PCOS symptoms, not only do we take a whole body approach, we take a full life approach too.

    We look at chronic psychological stress, sleep, movement and other factors as all of these can either help to reverse inflammation and/or insulin resistance or worsen matters.

    Sometimes additional support by practitioners in the respective fields is required. I have a network of incredible life coaches, hypnotherapists, somatic workers, acupuncturists, breathing experts, sleep coaches, osteopaths, yoga instructors, mindfulness coaches and more, who I work with. If we need to explore any of these options, I will always come back to your individual situation & needs and discuss this with you so that we can be sure that we’re getting you the very best support possible.

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    Want to learn more about Nutrition & PCOS?

    An Overview of PCOS

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS) is a complex hormonal condition that causes the production of too many androgens.

    Androgens are the name given to a group of hormones that include testosterone, androstenedione and DHEA-s. They’re made in the ovaries and, very importantly, in the adrenal glands (as well as some fat tissue). When they’re in balance, they help with focus, energy, a fired up sex drive and building muscle. As with anything in life, androgens become an issue when they’re in excess, which is what happens in PCOS. These higher levels of androgens are responsible for most of the PCOS symptoms, including negatively impacting ovulation.

    Ovulation is the process where an egg is released each cycle. Every month, there will be 6 – 12 developing eggs, or follicles. The process of ovulation is when one of these follicles becomes dominant and is released. In the case of PCOS, there isn’t a dominant follicle to suppress the growth of the other follicles so we end up with many undeveloped follicles that are ‘stuck’ and that’s what is seen on ultrasound (often referred to as the PCOS ‘string of pearls’).

    Here’s the thing though: ovulation is about SO MUCH MORE than just making a baby. Not only is it part of our Essence as women but it’s also considered the six ‘vital sign’ because it is that much of an important indicator for our health. We need regular ovulation for our skin health, our heart health, our bone health, our brain health, our metabolism. In other words, ovulation is a properly big deal!

    And the great news? It is very possible to reduce androgens and start ovulating again.

    There are other reasons beyond PCOS that can impair ovulation but in the case of PCOS, those high androgens are where our attention is at.

    What causes high androgens in PCOS?

    This is the question I’ll be asking myself with each and every client I see – because I take a functional medicine approach, I will push as far upstream as possible to piece together your unique story to understand why androgens are high in your individual case.

    But before we get into that, there is something very important that needs to be understood.

    Firstly, although research has shown that there very much so is a genetic component to PCOS and high androgens, something that has to be underscored with all the big, bright, flashing neon lights is that genes can be turned on and off by the environment they’re in.

    This is called epigenetics.

    Let’s use a simple analogy of two Marula trees. One Marula tree is in one field and produces the best Marula fruit you ever did come across while the second Marula tree is in another field, with zero sign of fruit and overall it’s not the biggest fan of life.

    When the farmer comes along, she doesn’t look at the tree with no fruit and blame the tree itself, she’ll look at the environment that it’s in: the soil, the water, the sun, the wind. She asks whether there are pests present? A fungus maybe? Perhaps extra nutrients need to be added? So she looks at the environment that the tree is in and makes changes there.

    And this is so true when it comes to PCOS: in a given environment, those of us with the PCOS are more susceptible *BUT* through tweaking that environment, PCOS symptoms can be reversed.

    And we know that high androgens are a big part of the PCOS picture so what are the main drivers in the environment that are behind high androgens?

    Inflammation and/or Insulin resistance.

    There are other factors that can contribute to or exacerbate matters (such as the hormonal birth control) but inflammation and/or Insulin resistance are the two most common that I see.

    We then zoom out even further to see what else within the environment is behind the inflammation and/or insulin resistance.

    This is essentially where we get to finding the root causes (plural because it’s very unlikely that we’re going to discover one single ‘root cause’).

    These can range from really simple, to more complex, things.

    The root cause(s) allowing the inflammation and/or insulin resistance of PCOS to be present in the environment and therefore trigger high androgens can be anything from digestive issues, presence of parasites or pathogens, food sensitivities, when, what and how we’re eating, a tweaking out thyroid, lack of sleep, stress, strained relationships, a muddled mindset, exercise that’s not suited to your body, environmental toxins, unresolved traumas, mould exposure and more.

    As you can see, there are many factors to consider that it often feels too overwhelming to know where to start – like we have to do a gabazillion things all 100% perfectly in order to see a shift in our PCOS symptoms.

    But a core Marula Wellness philosophy is that we go deeper before we go wider.

    Instead of scattering a whole bunch of seeds in the soil and simply hoping that something will grow, I help you implement foundation food & lifestyle factors that will make a difference to reversing your PCOS symptoms.

    More about this approach

    Inflammation and PCOS

    In the short term, we’re all about inflammation: it’s our body’s natural way of protecting herself through activating the immune system. You’ve experienced it as the redness, heat and tenderness after stubbing your toe or getting a paper cut.

    But chronically, it’s not our favourite because it interferes with hormonal communication throughout the body. When it comes to PCOS, research suggests that it is an inflammatory condition.

    Inflammation can cause the ovaries and the adrenal glands to make more androgens and that’s what we experience as hairy chins and chest and bellies, angry jawline acne, male patterned baldness and no ovulation. In addition to the above, other tell-tale signs of chronic inflammation in the body include painful joints, eczema, allergies and fatigue.

    Inflammation can also cause insulin resistance. This is really important to understand because it highlights that adjusting carbohydrate intake might only get us so far if inflammation is what’s driving the insulin resistance in the first place.

    Insulin Resistance and PCOS

    Not everyone with PCOS has insulin resistance but studies show that approximately 70% do. (It’s also important to note that not everyone with insulin resistance develops PCOS.)

    When we eat, there’s a rise in blood sugar (or glucose). Insulin is a storage hormone and its role is to get this glucose from the blood to the cells of the body for energy production and later use (in the liver & muscles).

    This process of ensuring that the glucose doesn’t remain in the blood for longer than necessary, needs to happen because if it doesn’t then over time, these high levels of glucose can result in damage to certain organs and glands.

    When it works well, it works really well. But when this process happens less efficiently we end up with insulin resistance and higher levels of insulin.

    But more insulin is a problem when it comes to those androgens, and here’s why.

    Firstly, high levels of insulin stimulate the ovaries to make testosterone.

    Secondly, high levels of insulin also cause a drop in sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) production. SHBG is like a little bus that transports the hormones around the body to where they need to be going, ensuring that they don’t run rampant. So, when SHBG is low (owing to the high insulin), it’s like your local bus service is on strike but there are the same number of people to transport about and we all know how chaotic that can get. The same is true when SHBG is low: low SHBG but the same number of hormones to transport around the body, means that there’s more free hormones (particularly testosterone) floating about the place. We then experience this as the typical PCOS symptoms.

    Please also note that a fasting blood glucose test or HbA1c test aren’t sufficient to rule out insulin resistance.

    Weight and PCOS

    For a very long time, it was thought that one had to be of a fuller weight in order to have PCOS. This however is not true for approximately 30% of women with PCOS; weight gain is just one symptom in PCOS and won’t express for everybody. It’s also important to note that insulin resistance can still play a role even when weight gain isn’t part of the picture (as was the case for me).

    On this note, when you aren’t experiencing weight gain and high androgens aren’t seen in symptoms or blood tests but you’re struggling with lack of ovulation and/or menstruation? Together with your doctor, I would then suggest investigating other conditions such as Hypothalamic Amenorrhea or Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia which can present similarly to PCOS.

    Diagnosing PCOS

    I’m not a doctor and I cannot diagnose any condition.

    My focus though is always to understand your individual body through a functional lens – one that keeps asking “What’s going on in there for you?”; one that views your body as a unique & beautiful tapestry of interconnected systems; one that knows that symptoms don’t just arise for no reason even if “test results are normal”.

    But when it comes to PCOS, I want to make a couple of things really clear.

    Firstly, you cannot be diagnosed with PCOS by ultrasound alone and neither can the absence of ‘cysts’ on the ovaries be used to rule out PCOS. Here’s why:

    The Rotterdam Criteria is what it is traditionally used when diagnosing PCOS and it states only two of ANY of the following three criteria need to be met for diagnosis:

    1. Infrequent or no ovulation
    2. Raised androgens seen as either physical signs & symptoms (such as excess hair growth, acne & hair loss) and/or through blood tests
    3. Polycystic ovaries as seen on ultrasound

    So if we only need to meet two of any of the three criteria, then as you can see that means you can have infrequent or no ovulation with raised androgens and NO polycystic ovaries in order to meet diagnosis.

    But the Androgen Excess Society took this a step further in 2009 by releasing a report that emphasises that PCOS does need to be defined by the presence of raised androgens.

    Secondly, PCOS is one of the most ridiculous names in the whole world and it contributes hugely to the confusion.

    This is because they are not cysts – they’re follicles that were never released when ovulation should’ve occurred; they’ve essentially become ‘stuck’. Every month, there will be 6 – 12 developing follicles. If ovulation occurs, one becomes dominant & is released. In the case of PCOS, there isn’t a dominant follicle to suppress the growth of the other follicles so we end up with many small undeveloped follicles growing just a little bit and that’s what might be seen on ultrasound. It’s also been shown that women without PCOS can have ‘cysts’ on their ovaries as seen on ultrasound.

    To add to all of this, by taking the Androgen Excess Society’s stance on how androgens do need to form part of the PCOS picture, we know that androgens are made in the adrenal glands (plus some fat tissue), and not just the ovaries. So you might have PCOS but not have any involvement of your ovaries. But even then, because I appreciate that everything within your body is connected, I will always still take a full body approach and not just laser-focus on your ovaries or adrenal glands.

    Finally we also need to bear in mind other conditions, such as Hypothalamic Amenorrhea or Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, can present similarly to PCOS. Because of this, PCOS is a diagnosis of exclusion so this means that other conditions need to be ruled out before reaching a PCOS diagnosis. But even in these instances, we’ll still keep coming back to you, your body, your story and how and why you’re experiencing the symptoms that you are.

    Testing for PCOS

    Although clinical signs and symptoms can provide many clues in piecing together your individual story, certain tests can be extremely helpful too in guiding nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

    Some of the standard blood tests that I will run with my one-to-one clients include: fasting insulin, fasting glucose, HbA1C, testosterone, DHEA-S, a free androgen index, sex hormone binding globulin, luteinizing hormone, follicular stimulating hormone, prolactin, a full thyroid panel (including antibodies), vitamin D levels, CRP. These are then interpreted together with your individual signs, symptoms and timeline.

    If there are other signs and symptoms at play (such as digestive symptoms) that don’t shift through the implementation of certain foundational nutrition and lifestyle factors, then additional testing in these areas might be indicated. If this is the case, the need for additional testing will always be explained to you so that you feel confident in knowing what and why we’re testing.

    Conventional Methods for Treating PCOS

    Conventional approaches for PCOS tend to suppress symptoms without actually considering what might be contributing, causing or exacerbating them in the first place.

    One of the main options given to women for PCOS is the birth control pill in order to ‘regulate’ cycles. One of the biggest concerns I have with the pill when it comes to PCOS is that it actually suppresses ovulation and ovulation is exactly what we’re trying to restore in PCOS so how is stopping it a solution? The pill has also been shown to worsen insulin resistance which, as we know, is one of the main drivers behind raised androgens and therefore impaired ovulation. The pill has also been shown to strip the body of beneficial nutrients (such as B vitamins and zinc) which are essential for ovulation. And while the pill does help to suppress androgen production, it only does so for the duration of taking it and then once it’s discontinued, we usually find a surge in androgens which can initially make matters a heck of a lot worse.

    Metformin and Spironolactone are two other medications typically used for addressing insulin resistance and indirectly blocking the effects of raised androgens, respectively. In the instance of Metformin, a study indicated that lifestyle and nutrition modifications were in fact more beneficial in managing PCOS than Metformin and/or Clomid.

    While I fully appreciate that there is a time and place for medications, and by no means am I ‘anti’ meds, at the end of the day, you know yourself and your needs best so you have to make the decision regarding the use of any of these for yourself – all I ask is that this decision comes from an informed place and one that sits best for you in whatever your life is right now.

    Is there a Cure for PCOS?

    Nope. But this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that can be done to reverse your PCOS symptoms.

    As I found out firsthand (and witness time & time again with my 1:1 clients), so much can be done!

    After not having my period for more that a decade, daily dealings with very angry acne and endless excess hair? I got the support from a trusted functional practitioner, and through an incredibly non-linear healing journey, I was able to reverse my symptoms.

    But this doesn’t mean that I can revert to my partying, drinking, disordered-eating, highly stressed way of living that all played a role in my PCOS symptoms in the first place. (To be honest, I can’t say that I’d want to either!)

    Nor does it mean that I’ve never had a single flare up since.

    You see, curing a condition (which is not what I claim to do) and reversing symptoms are two very different things.

    We can reverse our symptoms but still be predisposed to PCOS. Because remember that if we have a genetic predisposition to PCOS, the necessary environmental factors need to be present for those genes to express. And that sometimes happens because, well, life happens!

    This is one of the exact reasons why I place as much emphasis as I do on growing a trusting relationship with your body because flare ups are real! But if we can meet those flare ups with deep reverence for our body’s innate wisdom, we can respond to them from a place of care & kindness rather than fear & frustration. And that changes everything.

    I’ve tried every single diet under the sun but I’ve seen close to zero results – how will this be different?

    Firstly, HUGE credit to you for even considering this approach.

    And secondly, we don’t do the forced formulas of diets here – the ones that overlook you as a human being, ignore your story, your desires, your preferences, your body’s preferences and send you sliding down a blame & shame spiral, even more convinced that “nothing’s working.”

    I work with women who have literally tried every diet known to humankind to reverse their PCOS symptoms, but still don’t get anywhere until they come across Bloom, The Marula Wellness Signature Program.

    That’s because here are a few of things that we do differently; we:

    1. Honour your individual story & meet you where you’re truly at – instead of being prescriptive in our approach, we rather understand how & why we got to where you are today so that we’re better able to use food in an expansive, rather than a restrictive, way.
    2. Understand you & your life – because we’ll be working so closely together, we can ensure that nutrition recommendations are realistic, sustainable and in true alignment with your desires for your body (not what society has deemed as acceptable!).
    3. Appreciate that food isn’t limited to the physical alone – while I have huge respect for the impact that food has on how we feel & heal, I’m also well aware of the social and psychological roles of food too. In instances where further support is required in these areas, I have a great network of practitioners whom I work closely with.
    4. Weave in growing a trusting relationship with your body (& food) – many of my 1:1 clients come to me resenting food & feeling as though their body has let them down big time. But because I’m aware of this, we take small but powerful steps in supporting you to grow a trusting relationship with both food & your body.
    5. Go deeper before going wider – Have you ever felt that using food & lifestyle factors to reverse your PCOS symptoms feels like a full time job? There are SO many recommendations out there that many of my clients say that on their own, they simply don’t know where to start. A core Marula Wellness philosophy is to go deeper before going wider. In Bloom: The Marula Wellness Signature Program, I help cut through the noise of endless suggestions that leave you in a tailspin, and laser focus on the factors that are actually going to make a difference in reversing your PCOS symptoms.
    6. Anchor into curiosity – we get curious about your story so far, how and why your body has responded in certain ways, your current relationship with food, what foods are most supportive for you (& which ones aren’t) and everything in between. This is my default starting point and in time, it becomes yours too. With curiosity on your side, it creates way more space to make changes with nutrition that are actually going to make a lasting difference to reversing your PCOS symptoms.
    7. Tracking – we track both your intake & individualised symptoms but instead of having you sink in an ocean of overwhelm about what to do with that info? I’m here with my bucket loads of knowledge, holding space for it all so that we can make targeted changes with food that make sense for your situation and move you closer to making the desires for your body (and life!) your lived reality. And the best bit about it? It’s all done on a safe & secure app that allows for timely communication!
    8. Untangle from blame & shame – diet culture leaves you feeling as though it’s your fault that the diet didn’t work. Instead of supporting you in taking meaningful steps to understand you & your individual situation, you’re sent to war with those really nasty voices in your head that are loaded with endless blaming & shaming, and ultimately keep you stuck. We are instead very intentional about using small but powerful ways to untangle from this untrue narrative so that your starting place can be one of care & deep self-compassion. That way, we’re able to move the needle closer to reversing your PCOS symptoms, growing a trusting relationship with your body and living your fullest & most satisfying life. (If further support is required on this front, referrals to highly respected practitioners are possible!).
    9. We don’t focus only on the food – I have deep respect for the profound power of nutrition when it comes to PCOS. And, I also know that it’s not the only factor at play. Many diets will have you believe that what you eat will be the silver bullet answer to all your PCOS concerns, but there are some equally (if not more) important factors that have to be considered if what you eat has any chance of making a lasting difference to reversing your PCOS symptoms. In Bloom, The Marula Wellness Signature Program, the impact of these other factors is acknowledged.
    Do I have to change everything I eat if I want to see results?

    This completely depends on what your favourite foods are, as well as the severity of your symptoms. For some, we might need to shake things up quite a bit, while for others, it’ll be a matter of tweaking a few things here or there. Either way, we show bland the backdoor – our aim is always to get you eating as great a variety of nourishing & delicious food as possible, and adapt your personalised meal plans accordingly. We also anchor into your desires for your body, appreciating the magnificent role that food plays in helping you make these a reality – and, in the very same breath, creating awareness that food is still only part of this picture. In summary: we’re not about hard rules, but rather expansive empowerment when it comes to food & your relationship with it.

    Will using nutrition to reverse my PCOS symptoms just be overwhelming & hard work?

    Changing your nutrition is totally going to require that you show up for yourself but my aim is that we take as much of the overwhelm out of it as possible. I don’t want it to feel like hard work but rather an incredible opportunity to get curious about your body as you embark on this journey. We’re always coming back to the possibilities that feeling well would allow for you & your life, and we go as gradually as we need to whilst I gently challenge you in certain situations.

    I’m not a big fan of cooking – is there any point in even trying to use nutrition to reverse my PCOS symptoms?

    YES YES YES! Many of my 1:1 clients aren’t the biggest fans of cooking and I find that majority of the time, that’s because they’re so overwhelmed knowing what to cook to reverse their PCOS symptoms (or because they’re not the most trusting of food given all the diets they’d already tried). Once they know what works for them & their body though, there’s no stopping them. And remember, our aim isn’t for you to become a gourmet chef – we keep things simple, practical & tasty all while using food to support you in reversing your PCOS symptoms. We also look into ways of making the entire cooking experience fun & nourishing for you.

    I have zero time to breathe let alone meal prep & cook – how do we work around that?

    Firstly, we help you fully appreciate the priority of food on your journey (and we also factor in what’s behind having zero time to breathe & how this might be impacting all your previous efforts with ‘diets that didn’t work’). And then I help with all the practical stuff from shopping lists to deciding on what days will be best to do your cooking, and everything in between. Because we work so closely together, this is all highly personalised to you. I don’t love spending hours in the kitchen and I don’t expect you to either – we keep things simple.

    How is this going to impact social events & eating out?

    This depends on the type of social life that you currently have. If (pre-Covid) you were used to spending Saturday nights dancing on bar tops and clubbing into the early hours of the morning, then changing your nutrition & lifestyle will probably have a pretty big impact on your social life. But if it’s a big impact that allows for big healing, and living more fully into yourself, then as clients who have made these changes have said, it’s totally worth it.

    I’m also not here cracking some kind of whip – I’ve fully got your back and I’m here to help you figure out ways that we can support you through this. We find solutions to club scenarios that don’t reduce you to hiding in your cupboard for the next 6 months and we chat through what to do when you eat out, visit friends or travel. We always anchor back to what healing would mean to you, and we’re guided from there.

    In summary, I’m here to help you with the practicalities of navigating social aspects while still honouring your desires for your body.

    Can nutrition really make that much of a difference to my overall wellbeing & life?

    Yes, yes, yes and yes! I’ll often meet people whose jaws will drop when I explain how clients’ lives have transformed (their words, not mine) through changing their nutrition. To use the aaaage-old analogy of the car: if crap petrol goes into our car and if zero maintenance is done on our car, it’s a bit of a no-brainer when we find ourselves stranded on the roadside with said car smoking, spluttering and going no-where. And the same is MORE than true of us because we’re heaps more complex than a car! We have to factor in all kinds of beautiful physiology, not to mention emotions, memories, triggering events and all the factors that come into play when it comes to caring for our beautiful bodies, one of which is nutrition. Nutrition can influence everything from the health + diversity of our gut bugs, our skin health, our hormonal health and even our mental health so yes, it can make a massive difference to our wellbeing.

    Is nutrition the only thing to consider or do other factors play a role too?

    While nutrition is one of the main factors to consider, we’re going to take a multi-pronged approach that also considers stress, sleep, exercise, and even aspects such as purpose or loneliness that impact physiology.

    Sometimes additional support is required in these other areas and I have a great network of incredible professionals whom I work closely together with. These include movement specialists, osteopaths, yoga instructors, hypnotherapists, life coaches, spiritual healers as well as mindfulness coaches.

    This is exactly what I’m after – how can I find out more about working together?

    You can book yourself in for a Complimentary Discovery Call!

    Book a discovery call

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