Why I don’y buy the – How to be the CEO of your body – narrative, especially when reversing your PCOS symptoms

Why I don'y buy the - How to be the CEO of your body narrative

It’s mid-July 2021 and right now, I’m seeing the full spectrum in errrbody – friends, family, colleagues, clients, the cute barista at my current favourite coffee shop.

In certain parts of the world, things are getting ‘back’ into full-ish swing and for some, that’s kicking up all kinds of anxiety, while others are exploding with excitement and others still are experiencing pure joy that then gets quickly swallowed up by confusing giant guilt or the ‘how long will this last’ thinking.

Other parts of the world are in the • thick • thick • thick • of it. And for some of these folks, there’s a feeling that’s rather akin to riding a wild horse bare back up a steep mountain in the face of a rockfall, holding on with nothing but your teeth. (I’ll bet a third of my left arm that we’ve all likely felt it at least once in the last +/- 18 gabazillion lifetimes months?)

I share to underscore that there’s never a ‘right’ way to feel – we feel what we feel.

But if we can give ourselves that space – especially in the clunky, not-so-comfortable feelings / responses – to acknowledge that that’s where we’re at?

Then based on that fact alone, we can see our response (whatever it is) as appropriate and therefore be that much more accepting of it.

That acceptance doesn’t mean that we have to stay stuck in those feelings until kingdom come or that we need to romanticise the responses, dousing them in bucketloads of butterfly-shaped glitter.

Unsurprisingly (even though I still do get surprised by this tbh), the acceptance helps us peel away the judgement towards ourselves for certain feelings / responses, creating enough comfortable wiggle room to find an aligned way through them.

All of that to say, give yourself some grace for wherever you’re at.

Because if we’re able to do this for our feelings (especially now), we can do it for our PCOS symptoms too.

So often we equate our PCOS symptoms to our body being on a single-handed self-sabotaging mission against us.

We then end up in a spiralling, frenzied four-egg scramble, trying to be ‘the boss / CEO’ of our body – like they’re things simply to be controlled, managed or coerced.

But I don’t buy it – not even one teeny tiny bit.

Instead I’m way more about you being in delicious, juicy, wholesome, nourishing relationship with your body so that we can come from a starting point of viewing PCOS symptoms as appropriate responses.

Hold up! Staaaaaay with me.

Because I know it’s initially tricky to wrap our heads around a lot of that – particularly the whole appropriate response thing – especially when:

You’re already doing . a l l . t h e . t h i n g s . to reverse your PCOS symptoms but getting nowhere.

Trying to figure out what your body is ‘responding’ to feels like a full time job (Hi! It is!)

And then on top of all of this, I’m then asking you to view your raging PCOS symptoms as appropriate?!

You’re fully entitled to an all-caps STUFFFFFF*ING THAT.

But I ask it because if we don’t, we get stuck.

If we don’t appreciate that our PCOS symptoms are coming from the innate wisdom of our body in response to something (even if we think that there’s been crossed wires along the way & our body has completely lost the plot)?

Then we’ll be limited in our capacity to take meaningful steps to reverse them.

We go chasing the thing that we think is the issue – often ‘what’ we eat.

And thanks to all the conflicting information out there, we try eleventy thousand different ‘PCOS’ diets, only to end up worse off symptom-wise than where we started with way less shelf space because #supplements..

So from this understandably despondent place the “What’s wrong with you body?!! What’s WRONG with you body? What’s wrooooong with YOU BODY?????!!!!” narrative sets into its never-ending loop.

We’re then disheartened and 93% certain that our doctors might be right after all – that we’ll just have to learn how to live with our PCOS symptoms forever.

But but but! If we can anchor into seeing our PCOS symptoms as an appropriate response – we don’t stop (or necessarily even start) with focusing only on what we eat!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that what we eat no longer matters – it does, big time.

But if we’re looking through the ‘appropriate response’ lens?

We broaden our horizons, and take a real root cause approach to reverse your PCOS symptoms, grow a trusting relationship with your body and live that full & satisfying life you’re currently craving.

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Why I don’y buy the – How to be the CEO of your body – narrative, especially when reversing your PCOS symptoms

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