What does cultivating curisosity have to do with your PCOS journey

cultivating curiosity pcos journey

When I’m back in Zim, in the early hours of every morning, I go to the only place in the house that gets even a smidgen of sunshine in the winter months.

It’s the same place that the baby geckos hang out.

Recently, there was one particular gecko that was trying to catch a bug for breakfast but it just kept missing.

This gecko didn’t collapse in a “nothing’s working” heap while its inner critic went cray, though.

Instead, it seemed to get smarter with each try.

Why? Because every ‘miss’ simply provided a little bit more information for the next try.

Finally: SUCCESS, and once it had devoured its catch, it wiggled off to sunbath for the rest of the day.

Granted, we’re dealing with a reptile and not a human being full of wonderful nuances & complexities, but this still reminded me of something I’d witnessed with one of my 1:1 clients these last couple of weeks.

She’d been on the “tried-it-all & nothing’s working to reverse my PCOS symptoms” train for nearly two decades so I can’t even tell you how my heart popped with the hugest respect as she said yes to working with me.

And boy am I glad she did.

Not only because she’s now getting regular periods, her head hair is no longer falling out & instead getting thicker, she has energy for days, her digestion is on point and her moods are truly magnificent.

But also because of something else that’s shifted significantly.

You see, her body recently reacted in a certain way when she found herself in a situation with somewhat limited food choices.

That previously would’ve sent her into a tailspin of frustration & confusion of what the heck was going on with her body while subconsciously blaming & shaming herself for making that choice.

But she was instead able to see it simply as information to provide even more guidance as we continue to optimise her hormonal (& overall) health.


Because she was in a space of curiosity – something that we’ve been cultivating while working together.

I know that it can sound like a bunch of fluff & unicorn dust but it’s not – I cannot underscore enough what a game changer curiosity is on your journey of reversing your PCOS symptoms (especially when it’s something that’s overlooked in the majority of PCOS groups, books, online courses, etc that are out there).

Curiosity is what helps move your starting point from fear & frustration towards your body to one of deep care & kindness.

It’s the difference between ending up down another “THIS must be wrong with me” rabbit hole while knocking back fistfuls of supplements & sipping on nothing but celery juice, and actually knowing & being confident in what the next best step of getting you further along the path of reversing your PCOS symptoms, truly is.

But when we’ve been dealing with symptoms for an actual age (like no period for move than a decade – hi!), I know first hand how hard it is to cultivate curiosity.

So where do we even start?

Create awareness around the emotions that come up when you experience certain symptoms, and see if you can bring curiosity into the mix.

We’re not after saint-level curiosity from day dot; in fact on a scale of 1 – 10, you might find that you’re initially at a 0.5 on the curiosity scale. AND THAT’S OKAY!

Just see what even that tiny bit of curiosity feels like in your body – see if it creates even the tiniest bit of softness.

And then be intentional about choosing to keep doing this – even if you only go up a fraction each time, you’ll gradually get to a default place of curiosity.

And this – cultivating curiosity – is what’s going to create space for you to take onboard the information that your body is communicating with you.

When you’re able to do that?

Not only are the actions you take to reverse your PCOS symptoms so much more aligned but they also bring you way closer to making your desires for your body your lived reality.

And surely that’s the whole point?

Curiosity that takes courage, especially on your PCOS journey.

So cheers to all who choose it!

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What does cultivating curisosity have to do with your PCOS journey

When I’m back in Zim, in the early hours of every morning, I go to the only place in the house th…

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