The ups & downs of your PCOS journey and why it’s imprtant to embrace both

ups and downs of pcos journey

And probably goes without saying that I spent close to the entire 7+ hours wandering around the meandering wooden walkways either in tears or on the brink of because WHAT IS THIS EARTH?!

I got back that evening with a heart so full of gratitude I thought it might actually pop.

And the very next day?

I was dropped off with my 43kg of luggage (when other Zimbabweans know you have space, they feel obliged to make sure you use every last gram) on the wrong road thanks to an Uber-address-glitch.

I’d lost my UK-based SIM card somewhere between Zim & Ethiopia (and my Croatian vocabulary doesn’t go beyond pleasantries) so I had no way of rectifying said situation with the same, or another, Uber.

But thankfully I’m stuffing strong.

So I loaded myself up with my luggage in the 37°C heat, did what I could to stop my dress from flying into my tangled-up-mask-covered-face as gusts of wind came billowing down the streets and walked in search of my new Airbnb.

(I promise if I had a picture, I’d be sharing it right here.)

Guess what? Not once did I think “Shux, this not-so-ideal experience is really detracting from the gloriousness of the previous day.”

Nor did it lessen the impact of any of the beautiful encounters that followed, be them big or small.

All of this – from visiting the magical lakes to the mare of lugging around excessive amounts of luggage in the scorching Croatian sunshine, and everything in between – made up the complete experience of this trip.

And I think we often forget this, especially on our PCOS journeys (well, I certainly used to!) – that it isn’t one upward trajectory of things just getting better and better and better, until we eventually arrive at some far off Nirvana destination.

Because the reality is that a) there’s no ‘end point’ just layers and b) as you make food & lifestyle changes to reverse your PCOS symptoms while being intentional about growing a trusting relationship with your body?

Along the way, there are going to be amazing moments and some wobbly moments too.

And the latter doesn’t mean that things aren’t working, or that they’re always going to be this way, or that everything that has been brilliantly mind-blowing up until then no longer stands.

They’re simply part of the journey.

Why is this important?

Because the more that you can lean into the truth of it, the more present you’ll be.

This then creates space for knowing what the next best step is for you on your PCOS journey, even in the midst of things feeling as though they’re going south.

And that’s what will ultimately help to move you further down the path of making your desires for your body (and life!) your lived reality.

And surely that’s the whole point?

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