The gift of a guide on your PCOS journey

the gift of a guide on pcos journey

During my most recent stint in Zim, we went to the bush (I think this is called ‘on safari’ in other parts of the world) for my stepdad’s birthday.

We’d been out most of the Autumnal afternoon, and seen all kinds of animals (including a sneaky leopard at dusk) but we had to get back to the boat before it was too dark to make the crossing.

So we raced to the river and as we were loading everything up, our guide shone a torch across the water – someone counted five (maybe six) pairs of beady crocodile eyes close by while a pod of hippos had choir practice going on in the background.

Once the engine started, we were weaving up & down the moonlit river, following the current (failing to do so would’ve meant ending up in Mozambique, and while I’m learning Portuguese at the moment – #duolingoforthewin – it wouldn’t have been my most favourite way to spend a Saturday night).

At one point, we came to a steady stop with a scrapping noise at the bottom of the boat.


But because Gift, the experienced guide, was there?

We were all chill. He knew these waters and this sandbank situation was no biggie – he’d definitely been here before.

In a matter of moments, we were unstuck, cheering and safely across the Sabi River.

And it was then that I remembered (yet again!) that having an experienced guide in the boat wasn’t just ‘nice’ – it was a game changer & maybe even a life saver.

If I’d had been on my own and got stuck in said sandbank? I’d have freaked out and probably found myself figuring out how to befriend +/- six crocs so as not to become their fodder.

And this here scenario reminded me so much of my PCOS journey and what I see to be true for my 1:1 PCOS clients too.

Because when we’re using food & lifestyle factors to reverse PCOS symptoms?

There are many ‘sandbanks’ along the way.

But the difference in how we approach these (and come out the other side) is often down to being solo or journeying with someone.

When I tried reversing my PCOS symptoms on my own and came up against ‘sandbanks’ in all their forms – instead of getting out of / through/ around them?

I’d usually end up deeper in them as I slid down a blame / shame / ‘nothing’s working’ spiral – even though I have a BSc Degree in Dietetics, endless hours in PCOS-related continuous professional development, and clients with results that speak for themselves.

(And this is exactly why I invested in my own nutritionist.. more on that another time.)

Point is PCOS journeys aren’t always the most straightforward but they’re 12 000 times easier (plus some) when we’ve got a guide in our boat.

Not someone who professes to know it all (I definitely don’t #studentforlife) but someone who can:

Say “This sandbank doesn’t mean nothing’s working. It’s not your fault either. Here’s how we navigate through this bumpy bit so we can keep you on course to getting you to where you want to be in your body (and life!).”

Give space for the spiralling & frustration that come with sandbank encounters while simultaneously supporting to re-direct focus.

Help quieten the hippo-chorus noise from the gabazillion bits of (conflicting!) info on how to reverse PCOS symptoms, so that you can implement what will actually make a difference for you.

Remind you how far you’ve already come and get you in the habit of celebrating YOU.

Always anchor you back to the importance of growing that trusting relationship with your body (because reversing PCOS symptoms alone only gets us so far.)

If your breath got a bit deeper just by reading that?

If your heart is doing little flick flacks of excitement & possibility?

If you’re deep-down ready to get the in-the-boat-support you’ve been longing for?

I’ve got good news for you!

This is exactly what Bloom: The Marula Wellness Signature Program, is all about.

It’s a six month journey of highly personalised nutrition & lifestyle advice for women with PCOS so that you can reverse your symptoms, grow a trusting relationship with your body and live that full & satisfying life you’re currently craving.

So if you’re a full-body yes to that?

Head over here to book in for a Complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call.

I’ll hear where you’re at, share how I can help & we’ll take it from there.

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