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What is a nutritionist?

As a nutritionist, I have a deep appreciation of the profound impact that food can have on your wellbeing.

I combine scientific research with my clinical experience, and use this, as well as your individual story, to guide you in how best to use food and nutrition not only to support your personal health goals but also to heal, come Home to yourself and ultimately experience more of life.

A nutritionist should help you tune into the everyday messages that your body sends you; and rather than fearing these or being frustrated by them, I’ll help to empower you in confidently understanding what foods allow you and your body to flourish.

In my opinion, nutrition should form the foundation of every attempt to bring about lasting healing.

What we eat, we literally become. And if we’re able to support our bodies in optimising the use of the nutrients we eat, the more we’ll notice it not only in how we heal but how we live too.

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Who can a nutritionist help?

Anybody! I don’t have an ounce of doubt of the positive impact of food, whatever the condition or symptoms at hand.

But the people I love helping the most are women who struggle with PCOS. Having been there with ‘lean’ PCOS myself, I’m all too familiar with the symptoms that come with it from irregular (or non-existent) periods; thick, dark chin, chest & belly hair; thinning temple hair; angry adult (often jawline) acne; fatigue to an inability to lose weight (for some). Not mention everything else that normally comes with the PCOS picture from thyroid dysfunction to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

By intently listening to your individual story, I piece information together and use nutrition to understand why you might have these issues in the first place.

We then create a sustainable and realistic way forward with food.

Why I’m interested in nutrition

I’m more than interested in nutrition – I absolutely love it! That’s because I’ve experienced first hand the beauty of watching my own body respond to receiving the nutrients she needed:

I went from not having a period for more than a decade to getting it back by changing what I ate, and how I lived.

And truth be told, I’m done with seeing other women continue in sheer misery when it comes to food.

I’m done with letting lives be half lived because of having to battle horrific symptoms daily when actually, there REALLY IS ANOTHER WAY.

One that’s not just about stopping certain symptoms but also about living into the fullness of all that you are and all that life has to offer.

A way of hope, a way of real healing and a way of coming home to yourself.

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Nutritionist Clinic in Islington, Central London

I run a busy clinic from Brighter Spaces (2A Prebend St, Islington, London N1 8PT) which is a beautiful location a few minutes walk from the Angel tube station.

All follow up consultations are done on Healthie, the safe & secure platform we’ll be using for the duration of working together.

Any questions? Get in touch using the form below. My door’s open & I’m always happy to chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can nutrition really make that much of a difference to my wellbeing?

Yes, yes, yes and yes! I’ll often meet people who’s jaw will drop when I explain how clients lives have transformed (their words, not mine) through changing their nutrition. To use the aaaage-old analogy of the car: if crap petrol goes into our car and if zero maintenance is done on our car, it’s a bit of a no-brainer when we find ourselves stranded on the roadside with said car smoking, spluttering and going no-where. And the same is MORE than true of us because we’re heaps more complex than a car! We have to factor in all kinds of beautiful physiology, not to mention emotions, memories, triggering events and all the factors that come into play when it comes to caring for our beautiful bodies, one of which is nutrition. Nutrition can influence everything from the health + diversity of our gut bugs, our skin health, our hormonal health and even our mental health so yes, it can make a massive difference to our wellbeing.

How can nutrition help my digestion?

Our nutrition can hugely help digestion. This is where your individual picture will come into play – for some, it might be that they’re not getting enough fibre in their diet, for others it might be too much fibre, or certain types of fibre might be triggering, for others it might be that specific foods could be more pro-inflammatory, for others it might be that what they are or aren’t eating is having a negative impact on their gut bugs. And for others, it might be some of the above combined with aspects such as high stress, poor sleep, physiological imbalances, exercise (lack or too much of a certain type) or presence of parasites + the likes. So what we do is thoroughly assess *your* individual situation, your current nutrition and then together take steps of how best to support you in going forward.

Does nutrition play much of a role when it comes to my periods?

Nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to our periods. Nutrition was one of the key elements that I used to get my period back after losing it for more than a decade. It’s also helped immensely in reversing many of my other PCOS symptoms. What we do and don’t include in our intake can have a profound impact on all systems within our body and because everything is connected – a beautiful tapestry woven together – what I’ll often (but not always) find is that another system within the body, that influences sex hormones (such as digestion, or thyroid, or insulin) requires nutritional support as well. We therefore take a layered approach when addressing & supporting our sex hormones: we set a really solid foundation, clear the muddy waters and identify deficiencies to then allow for real healing to happen.

How quickly will I get better using nutrition?

If you’re hoping to get better overnight, you’re likely not going to get that from going down the nutrition road. But to me, the fact that this takes time is one of the most beautiful and profound gifts of this healing journey – through time, it teaches us patience, it calls for courage, it presents us with an incredible opportunity to tune in, to be curious, to cultivate a friendship with our bodies + with ourselves. As one of my clients once said “It is a gift to yourself for life.”

When it comes to an actual timeframe? Various factors come into play but what I’ve found is that it’s usually around the 3 month mark where there’ll be a noticeable shift in certain symptoms. But because I’m all about equipping you to navigate the landscape of your own period, body wellness & life with confidence? I also offer 6 month packages and I’ve found this to be a really great benchmark to work with with regards to timeframes.

It’s also necessary to say here that this healing isn’t linear. We’re not going to get from A to B just like that, wham bam thank you spanking ma’am. But I’ll prepare you for anticipated rocky parts of the road, and I’ll be there to guide and support you when the terrain gets unexpectedly tricky. And again, I’ll always bring you back to seeing the beauty of this – the opportunity of the lessons learned along the way, how we can get curious about discovery certain parts of ourselves that we may not have known before, how we can learn for ourselves *firsthand* what our individual triggers are and how we can then adjust accordingly.

Do I have to change everything that I eat if I want to see results?

This completely depends on what your current intake is as well as the severity of your symptoms. For some people, we might need to shake things up quite a bit, while for others, it might be a matter of tweaking a few things here or there. Either way, our aim is always to get you eating as great a variety of whole + nourishing food that your body is able to tolerate, as possible. I’ll also always provide reasoning for recommendations that we implement and we’ll always work in a way that’s sustainable for you.

How will changing my nutrition impact my social life?

Again, this depends on the type of social life that you currently have. If you’re used to spending Saturday nights dancing on bar tops and clubbing into the early hours of the morning, then changing your nutrition + lifestyle will probably have a pretty big impact on your social life. But if it’s big impact that allows for big healing, and living more fully into yourself, then as clients who have made these changes have said, it’s totally worth it.

I’m also not here cracking some kind of whip – I’ve fully got your back and I’m here to help you figure out ways that we can support you through this. We find solutions to club scenarios that don’t reduce you to a hermit and we chat through what to do when you eat out, visit friends or travel. We always anchor back to what healing would mean to you, and we’re guided from there.

Will changing my nutrition be really overwhelming + just hard work?

Changing your nutrition is totally going to require that you show up for yourself but my aim is that we take as much of the overwhelm out of it as possible. I don’t want it feel like hard work but rather an incredible opportunity to get curious about your body and always coming back to the possibilities that feeling well would allow for you + your life. We go as gradually as we need to whilst I gently challenge you in certain situations.

Do I need to do any testing to guide how best to support this process?

Let’s use the analogy of building a house. First, we’ve got to get really solid foundations laid, then up go the walls, the electrics, the roofing and the likes and then we’ll look at colour schemes + where we’re going to put the scatter cushions.

And it’s the same with healing: we begin with your individual non-negotiable factors that allow for the laying of a solid foundation, we see how much shift we can get there and then we look into certain tests that are most indicated based on your individual situation.

Because just as there’s little point in chatting about scatter cushions when we don’t even have a decent foundation in place, there’s sometimes not much point in diving down testing rabbit holes when certain foundational nutrition or lifestyle factors aren’t even established.

Having said that, there will be times when testing will very much so be indicated right from the get-go. But this will be guided by your individual history, current symptoms, nutrition + lifestyle.

As far as the types of tests, we can make use of NHS testing as much as possible but there will likely be times when additional testing is required. You’ll always be guided through this process and provided with information as to why we’ll be doing specific tests when.

Is my nutrition the most important thing, or are there other factors to consider too?

While nutrition is one of the main factors to consider, more often than not, we are going to take a multi-pronged approach that also considers stress, sleep, exercise, and even aspects such as purpose or loneliness that impact physiology.

Sometimes additional support is required in these other areas and I have a great network of incredible professionals whom I work closely together with. These include movement specialists, osteopaths, yoga instructors, hypnotherapists, life coaches, spiritual healers as well as mindfulness coaches.

I’d need a lot of support to help me change my nutrition. Do you offer that?

Absolutely! I know firsthand how necessary the right kind of support can be when it comes to making any kind of changes and this is exactly why we have follow up calls every 2 weeks, with 1 email/week between calls, throughout the time that we work together. The platform that we use to track your intake and symptoms also allows me to provide guidance and recommendations in real time. I want you to feel held, supported + guided throughout this process and all of the above allows for that.

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