When my gilet matched my dinner

when my gilet matched my dinner image

When my gilet matched my dinner

Recently I found myself cruising down the motorway towards the mountains, deciding to do so only moments earlier. My best friend and I ticked off the items on our post-it note shopping list and called the most chilled-out campsite owners in the world. A few hours later we were surrounded by spectacular valleys, peaks and breathtaking views as we set up our tent – all in the good company of hungry hens and roaming sheep (plus one scary goose).

Food is a priority in both our lives, so we basically took an entire grocery store of goodies to make our meals. As I was preparing our dinner, all wrapped up in my purple gilet, I noticed I was chopping purple cabbage: my food and I matched! And I didn’t even plan it. How happy is that? I felt, well, kinda cool (cue: can’t touch this).

Even though our getaway was last-minute, we had everything we needed on hand which made it really easy to get up and go. I’m learning this is key to planning everyday meals: have all you need on hand. Be it the ingredients, a few tried-and-tested recipes, a bit of time and even a simple post-it note shopping list. When these things are in place, it allows for spontaneity. And all kinds of surprises can come from that!

If you need some support in meal planning or want to know why this is beneficial on your journey to wellness, please get in touch.