What’s in a name?

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What’s in a name?

Ma… something wellness? What?! Hey, I could have gone with the Latin – Sclerocarya birrea – but I prefer to keep things simple.

It’s a tree, indigenous to Southern Africa (like me!) and it’s most well known for its fruits that fall to the ground, lightly ferment and then ‘drive elephants crazy’. These fruits, along with the marula oil, bark and nuts all have nutritional or traditionally medicinal properties.

But my most favourite thing about this tree is the marula harvesting season – a time of festivity that “can’t be compared to any other”. And that’s what this journey to health with you is all about: your own season of celebration. Because what’s not to celebrate when you learn about your body and how you can best bloom in it?

If you want to know more about blooming celebrations to wellness, take a look at the various support options and get in touch.