Weight loss: Why Willpower Doesn’t Work

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Weight loss: Why Willpower Doesn’t Work

Spring popped its pretty face into the picture a little while ago. And now Summer’s not far off. That means everyone’s about to be banging on about bikini bodies, weight loss and willpower.

But here’s the thing: willpower isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Willpower puts you on a bandwagon – one that’s loaded with self-sabotage and lambasting should you ever fall off. Willpower’s let you down before. (Remember when those Krispy Kremes slipped into your shopping trolley? Or how about when you practically gulped down that entire Galaxy bar?)

Willpower’s full of ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’. Willpower wreaks of desperation and the hope that maybe this time, you might just be ‘strong enough.’

Stop hoping. I dare you to go deeper.

Go to that place where you don’t depend on willpower.

That place where you trust your heart.

But most of all that place where you honour yourself.


By showing weight loss & will power strategies – of soggy celery and lame iceberg lettuce – the back door. And let’s get honest.

Let’s take a step back from the body image stuff.

(Side note: despite what seems to be a worldwide backlash AGAINST weight loss, it’s actually more than okay to want to shed a few extra pounds – the key’s in learning not to be defined by it. And not to become obsessed with it either.)

Back to your body: consider it in its entirety – everything from the hair on your head, the tip of you nose, your ear lobes, your throat that swallows, your heart that beats, your lungs that breath, your tummy (that rumbles), your knee caps, your baby toe.

Now take a moment and think about how all these systems, organs and cells are intricately woven together – how they’re all working as one to make up you! This is your body! How magnificently glorious is she?

Yes, I know – this doesn’t do away with feeling like an entire pod of beached whales as you try to squeeze into yourself into skinny jeans, even on your best days. But can we at least begin by switching words of hate, disgust and shame about your body to ones of marvel, intrigue and gratitude?

Because your body, exactly as she is right now, is doing the absolute best that she can with all that she’s been given.

So serve yourself a shit load of self compassion, curiosity & patience because the journey of learning to LOVE your bod requires all of the above.. in double doses.

(And perhaps find someone to help piece together your personal health puzzle so that as you embark on the pilgrimage of body-loving, you can also be done with feeling frustrated AF.)

But beyond body image, let’s dive into why you actually want to lose weight? What will it mean for you? And most importantly, what will it mean for your life goals?

What’s your greatest goal in life? We’re talking personal, emotional, relational, spiritual, business? What do you want to achieve today? Next week? Next month? Next year? In 5, 10, 20 years?

How will losing weight help you do that? You heard me – how will losing weight (or addressing your health in general) help you achieve your life goals?

Because if we stop kidding ourselves, does everything not come back to a well-functioning body (and mind) – aka health?

So yeah – you CAN keep motoring through the migraines and mid-afternoon energy slumps (that may or may not come with that extra bit of weight) – you’ve done it before. But imagine if you didn’t have to.

Imagine if you could get through your day without that nonsense?

We’re not talking twatty trends and keeping up with the Kardashians. We’re not talking willpower either.

Let’s laser-focus into honouring those life goals.

Because does that not make weight loss sound so much more motivating (and do-able) than clutching at those willpower straws?