About Me

Energy can only be transferred, never created or destroyed.

It’s called the energy principle and it symbolises the essence of Marula Wellness:

with power, energy and joy, we’ll use nutrition to transfer you to a place where you’re confidently navigating the landscape of your own body, wellness and life.

How did I go from being frenemies with my body to being in actual awe of it?

I grew up barefoot and climbing trees with the majestic mountains of Mutare, Zimbabwe, as my playground – I knew freedom from a young age.

Life was simple.

It was when I set off for boarding school abroad that my problems started.

I found the entire experience extremely stressful and lost my period for more than a decade in the process.

I kid you not.

But during this time my fascination with food and the human body began.

lara journey image

So I spent four years in the Stellenbosch Mountains of South Africa studying it all and got a BSc in Dietetics.

With that in the bag, I became an HCPC registered dietitian and headed for London with stars in my eyes.

Not long after landing, I worked in various hospitals up and down the country.

And truth be told, I was SHOCKED.

I’d rush from one hospital bed to the next, only to see people struggling on with symptoms while (more often than not) being left confused, frustrated and pretty petrified at what was actually going on with their bodies.

A bit like me really.

There was zero sign of my period but my “test results were ‘normal’ so therefore there was nothing really wrong?”

And the only option I was given?

The pill…

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But I was done with simply masking my symptoms – I wanted to get to the crux of my concerns, the root cause.

Knowing that there had to be another way, I popped my study cap back on, took a deep dive into the Functional Medicine approach and finally found some answers.

But if I’m honest?

I was SUPER sceptical to start with + overwhelmed was an understatement.

So I embarked on this ever unfolding journey with baby steps, coupled with bucket loads of courage, curiosity, patience and a double dose of accountability.

And guess what?

I got my period back!

My body did what it’s NATURALLY supposed to do!

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And now, me + my bod are finally getting along again – like we’re back in Zim, climbing trees and scaling mountain tops.

And in it all, I continue to be astounded daily by not only the power of nutrition but also of trusting the innate wisdom of my own body.

The thing is, I know all about biochemical individuality and how we’re all so different.

This is my story and what’s worked for me.

Your journey?

That’s where I step in and help you figure everything out – I use nutrition to help women know that they have a say in their symptoms.

And can therefore determine their destiny.

Because one of the best things I’m learning along the way?

A flourishing body means a flourishing life.

And surely that’s the whole reason we’re here?

Are you ready to stop settling for a symptom-filled existence?