About Lara

Energy can only be transferred, never created or destroyed.

It’s called the energy principle and it symbolises the essence of Marula Wellness:

We’ll use nutrition to establish the root cause of your PCOS concerns and transfer you to a place where you’re confidently navigating the landscape of your period, body, wellness and life.

about lara rickard

How did I go from being frenemies with my body to being in actual awe of it?

I grew up barefoot and climbing trees with the majestic Eastern Highland Mountains of Zimbabwe, as my playground; I knew freedom from a young age.

Life was simple.

It was when I set off for boarding school abroad that my PCOS problems started.

I found the entire experience extremely stressful and lost my period for more than a DECADE in the process.

I kid you not.

I also battled like crazy with excess facial & chest hair, not to mention the acne that continued well into my late teens & adult life.

But during this time my fascination with food and the human body began.

lara journey 2019

So I spent four years in Stellenbosch, South Africa studying it all and got a BSc in Dietetics.

With that honours degree in the bag, I became an HCPC registered dietitian and headed for London with stars in my eyes.

Not long after landing, I worked in various hospitals up and down the country.

And truth be told, I was SHOCKED.

I’d rush from one hospital bed to the next, only to see people struggling on with symptoms while (more often than not) being left confused, frustrated and pretty petrified at what was actually going on with their bodies.

A bit like me really.

There was still zero sign of my period, my excess facial hair was out of control and my adult acne had me down a very deep anti-social rabbit hole.

But my “test results were ‘normal’ so therefore there was nothing really wrong?”

And the only option I was given?

The pill…

“Just until I wanted to get pregnant” of course.

functional medicine footer image

But I was done with simply masking my symptoms.

I wanted to understand what was going on with my body and why this was all happening in the first place.

I knew that there had to be another way so I popped my study cap back on and took a deep dive into the Functional Medicine approach.

But if I’m honest?

I was SUPER sceptical to start with & overwhelmed was an understatement.

So I embarked on this ever unfolding journey with a thousand plus baby steps, coupled with bucket loads of courage, curiosity, patience and a double dose of accountability.

And guess what?


My body’s doing what she’s naturally supposed to do!

lara story image

It felt like I was Home.

And the best bit about it?

That was just the beginning!

Not only did I reverse my other PCOS symptoms but I also have a profound understanding of what’s actually going on with my body and how best to continue to support her.

And with ongoing healing and tuning into all that my cycle brings, I also know, know, KNOW from every corner and curve and deepest depths of my heart that our periods hold so much purpose and power for making the most of this life.

Hold the phone though.

I’m well aware of biochemical individuality and how we’re all so different.

This is the simply my PCOS story and what worked for me.

Your journey?

That’s where I step in to walk right beside you every step of the way.

I’m here to show you that regardless of where you’re at right now, your PCOS no longer has to cripple and confuse you.

My role is to guide, make connections, listen intently to, encourage, support, love and remind you a gazillion times over that your body isn’t out on a single-handed self-sabotaging mission, that it’s really not “all in your head” despite those “normal” test results and that it is absolutely possible to use nutrition to take you from that place of hating your body and every single PCOS symptom to experiencing your period as one of your greatest assets to living into your very precious life.

We just have to figure out #whatsyourrootcause?

Let’s connect to find out what this could look like and mean for you.