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Nutrition: my obsession

The human body: my fascination

Helping women feel fully like themselves again: my mission

Why? Because I’ve been faced with my body not being able to carry out one of its most fundamental functions.

And that’s no way to live a satisfying life.

At fourteen, I set off for boarding school abroad, found the whole experience extremely stressful, and lost my period for more than ten years in the process.

I kid you not.

During this time, I’d developed a deep appreciation for food + physiology so decided to pursue a BSc in dietetics.

But even though I got the degree, became a HCPC registered dietitian, and worked in a bunch of top London hospitals, I still had no sign of my period.


I was told my test results were ‘normal’ so therefore nothing was really wrong?

The only option I was given involved popping the Pill.

But I didn’t want to settle for simply managing my symptoms.

I wanted to get to the crux of my concerns – the root cause.

So I put my study cap back on, learned all about the Functional Medicine approach + realised just how much power we have using nutrition + lifestyle factors to support ourselves.

But if I’m honest, I was SUPER skeptical to start with.

And overwhelmed was an understatement.

How the heck was I going to make my way up what I considered a rather massive mountain to health?

I began with baby steps, coupled with bucket loads of courage, curiosity + patience:

And then I bled!

And oh did I celebrate – celebrate this ever unfolding journey of being able to support my body in doing what it’s NATURALLY supposed to do.

But I know all about biochemical individuality and how we’re all oh so different – this is simply my story of what’s worked for me and my bod.

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Your journey?

That’s where I step in to help you figure all that out.

From the misty mountains of my hometown in Zimbabwe to the Western Cape of South Africa and now to the big smoke of London, I use nutrition to help women realise that they have a say in their symptoms. And can therefore determine their destiny.

One of the best things I’ve learned along the way:

A flourishing body means a flourishing life.

And surely that’s the whole reason we’re here?

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