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    What do mountains, boarding school abroad, intensive care units & “root causes” have in common?

You know when you have so much info to hand but you’re still plus plus overwhelmed as to where or how to start?
That’s kinda how I felt with a BSc degree in Dietetics but zero sign of my period, for more than a decade…

Let’s start at the beginning: I grew up with a pudding-bowl haircut and spent most of my time scaling magical mountainsides, barefoot, in my home town of Mutare, Zimbabwe.

There was some big heartache pretty early on in my childhood, but there were loads of beautiful moments woven into it too, and you wouldn’t have been far-off calling me a homebird. So when I found myself on my way to boarding school abroad – owing to the political situation in the country at the time – my body went into a heightened stress response (and stayed there for the next 10+ years).

Not long later, my periods (that had been around for no more than a handful of months), disappeared completely. Soon afterwards, thick hairs covered my chin, chest & belly and angry, cystic acne made its first appearance (and returned numerous times well into my early adult years).

Fast forward to when I was frazzled out of my brain working as a registered dietitian in numerous intensive care units in and around London.

I’d been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and had somehow accepted that I’d likely be living with these symptoms until kingdom come.

Maybe it was because I was given close to no guidance – beyond being told to go back on the pill – so I felt that there was nothing really that I could do about it.

Or maybe it was because my test results came back ‘normal’ so even though my body was clearly showing me otherwise, I started to think it was all in my head.

Or maybe my scepticism about anything really being able to make that much of a difference just got the better of me.

That’s until I came across the functional medicine approach. An approach that lit me up like a starry Zimbabwean sky on a cloudless night – it resonated with every single cell of my being.

It didn’t take much for me to pop my study cap back on, say cheers to my hospital career, establish Marula Wellness and start using all these tools, frameworks & new knowledge to support women in a meaningful way.

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personal pcos journey

As for my personal
PCOS journey?

I’d studied endlessly, but I was so involved in my own story that I couldn’t tell the wood from the trees.

I’d find myself down random “root cause” rabbit holes on the regular with an array of supplements spewing out every kitchen cupboard. I made the (significant) food & lifestyle changes, that I knew all too well. I paid top dollar devouring more & more information at conferences & certified courses, learning from truly phenomenal leading experts.

But I felt as stuck as a stick in the red, African mud, and there was still no sign of my period. (Cue my old friends, frustration & hopelessness.)

I was adamant that I should be able to figure this all out on my own (and felt kinda like a fraud because I couldn’t), but I eventually invested in my very own functional nutritionist.

And this is where I experienced first hand that having heaps of information only gets us so far – I see you, blog & podcast bingers!

The details of this are sprinkled throughout my newsletter – have you signed up yet?! – but longish story short: I got my period back!

My body started doing what she’s naturally supposed to do!
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But that’s not where this tale ends. Because I learnt something else profoundly important along the way:

Reversing my PCOS symptoms was only one part of the picture.

And the other part?
Growing a trusting relationship with my body

I knew this to be true for my 1:1 clients too. Because when we’ve been living with PCOS for what feels like forever and we’ve been doing #allthethings but there’s still no shift?

It’s only inevitable that we’d still be mistrusting of our bodies even after we’ve reversed our symptoms.

Sure, it might not be as extreme as when symptoms were raging, but because mistrust has been the familiar for so long, more often than not, we subconsciously still operate from that place of fear.

So I wanted to do things differently.

I wanted a new starting point – one, in the words of Clarissa Estes, where I could “be in my body with certainty & pride regardless …”. One where I could respond to my body’s guidance with confidence & curiosity. One where I not only understood my body’s language but where I also listened, and acted in alignment with it too.

After all, our body’s are our chance to be here & experience this life.
trusting relationshio with body
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And that’s why through Bloom, The Marula Wellness Signature Program, we go deeper.

We focus on both reversing your PCOS symptoms AND growing a trusting relationship with your body.

So that you can live your full & satisfying life.
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  • malena testimonial

    Malena, London

    “Since implementing Lara’s recommendations, I’ve had my period every month for the last 6 months; for someone with PCOS this is a massive achievement! My cystic acne also gradually improved and has now cleared up significantly. Lara is super compassionate as she has dealt with these issues herself, and she also truly cares about her clients. She’s with you every step of the way.”

  • Maya, Australia

    “From the first moment I met Lara, I was so reassured by her kindness and calm spirit. She was so thorough with her questions, leaving no stone unturned. Over the six months of working with Lara, I now feel like a completely new person. Thanks to Lara, I now have more regular cycles, more energy, less acne and I was also able to improve my insulin resistance and lose weight; I really could not have done that without her help.”

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    Sarah, London

    “My digestive problems have now improved enormously and after a few months my periods came back and have been less painful and more regular than they had been previously. Lara really does go above and beyond what I would have expected from working with a dietitian. I would absolutely recommend Lara – for me it has been completely worth the money and I feel so much better now than I did six months ago!”

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    Nuri, London

    “My periods have improved with a much lighter flow and the pain is now barely noticeable. My chronic constipation has improved drastically. I also have much less bloating & flatulence, clear skin, more energy, better stress management (and I generally recover from stressful situations faster), the bags under my eyes are less noticeable & my headaches frequency is much less. I feel more enthusiastic about things in general. I am also more respectful towards my symptoms & my body and no longer feel like my body has ”let me down”. I’d therefore highly recommend Lara to anyone who is looking for a compassionate practitioner, and also wanting to understand the real reasons behind their symptoms.”

  • malena testimonial

    Katherine, London

    “I wasn’t prepared for the emotional side of what I was going through. But, of course, Lara was with me every step of the way. She has taught me so much about both my mind and my body and how they work together. I now feel so in tune with my body and can better understand what it needs at different times. My self-confidence, which had taken a dive, has massively increased. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, which is so liberating! The difference in how I feel now compared to 12 months ago is astounding. I am so thankful every day that I have Lara – I honestly don’t know where I would be without her.”

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    They’re so good, you’ll be cartwheeling your way to the kitchen from excitement while saying BYE FELICIA! to the overwhelm that consumes you when you think about how or where to start with food & PCOS.

    Don’t believe me?

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